The Advantages and Disadvantages of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

The advancement in the technology has put people’s privacy at risk because now personal data can easily be accessed by the public as a result of the use of technologies like unmanned aerial vehicles that can carry out surveillance in people’s private residence without their consent. The emergence of technologies...

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National Security and Individual Rights

Introduction Human beings hold in high esteem their privacy, having their personal sphere of life protected and control over what people know about them. They simply don’t allow their personal life open to everyone at any time. However, everybody else values national security and our expectations of the government to provide...

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The Threats to Personal Information

Big data is the availability of data and metadata concerning virtually every object in existence in the world at the moment. When the information relates mere objects, the privacy may not be of much concern. However, with more information captured relating to individuals and organizations, the stakes-placed on the sensitivity...

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The Importance of Data Privacy in Today's World

The Benefits of Technology The development and growth of technology are considered to be the best thing to ever happen in the global world, due to the many benefits it brought to its users. Through technology, people can communicate with one another regardless of where they are around the globe. Technology...

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The Ethics of Physician-Patient Confidentiality

Hospitals hold an ethics clause against sharing patient’s information against third parties. The understanding is that no matter what the patient speaks to the doctor, the doctor is not allowed to share the information with third parties. In the article, “Should I Protect a Patient at the expense of an...

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The Impact of Technology on Privacy Rights

How Technological Advances are Affecting Privacy Rights in the US Human beings hold in high esteem their privacy, having their personal sphere of life protected and control over what people know about them. They simply don’t allow their personal life open to everyone at any time. However, technological advances pose a...

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Privacy in the Digital Era

In recent years, there have been revelations that governments and corporations have conducted mass surveillance programs of their citizens and their customers, and in worst cases sharing vital information about them with other companies.  Such actions lead to the questioning of the place of privacy in this information age.  Privacy...

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The Importance of Privacy in The Circle

Through Egger's' book, The Circle A reader can effectively examine the perception that secrets are lies, sharing is caring, and privacy is theft. As evident in The Circle, sharing is a form of caring because it helps in the improvement of welfare of other personalities in a society, for instance, in...

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The Electronic Communication Privacy Act and the Stored Communication Act

ECPA and SCA are acronyms for the electronic communications privacy act and stored communication act respectively. The laws were passed by the United States Congress in 1986 to monitor the transmission, storage and access of electronic data. The essay will describe the ECPA and SCA act. Therefore, the laws were...

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Social Media and Privacy

Part of the significant discoveries of the twenty-first century is the rapid and proliferation of social media not only among the teenagers but across people of all ages and gender across the globe. Nowadays internet has become a necessary phenomenon, with most people not understanding the dark effects associated with...

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Privacy and Surveillance: A Threat to National Security

Privacy Threat in the Modern World Privacy threat is one of the most pressing issues in the modern world. Many Americans are concerned with the recent development in cyber threats. What is more troubling is that sensitive government information and court cases are compromised due to breach of security. Technology has...

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Privacy and Patient Rights

The Healthcare Industry and the Switch to Electronic Health Records (EHR) The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, and this includes the tools that doctors use to provide patients with high-quality care. But there has been a lot of interest in switching to the new electronic health records from paper-based medical records....

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