Essays on Confidentiality

An Overview of Confidentiality in Psychology

Confidentiality refers to the protection of personal information. By implication, the client’s information must remain between the therapist and the client, and should not be shared with client’s close persons including friends, families, and co-workers. However, there are exceptions when the general rules of confidentiality can be dropped. These include...

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Medical Ethics: Truth-telling and Confidentiality

Truth-telling and confidentiality concept applies majorly in the healthcare sector. First, truth-telling refers to that situation where a medic faces a dilemma of whether to disclose vital information about a patient's health. On the other part, confidentiality refers to the case where a healthcare attendant is required to keep information...

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The Ethics of Physician-Patient Confidentiality

Hospitals hold an ethics clause against sharing patient’s information against third parties. The understanding is that no matter what the patient speaks to the doctor, the doctor is not allowed to share the information with third parties. In the article, “Should I Protect a Patient at the expense of an...

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John McWhorter's article "You Can't 'Steal' a Culture: In Defense of Cultural Appropriation" was published in the Daily Beast. John discusses the topic of cultural interaction in the post, as well as the common perception that certain groups of people are imitating others. The author of the article explains what...

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About social engineering

Social engineering refers to the art or set of methods used to manipulate individuals in order to disclose sensitive knowledge (Peltier, 2006). In other words, it is a kind of trust trick aimed at collecting classified information, access to the system, and involvement in the fraud. The kinds of information...

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