Essays on Criminal Law

The term punishment

The act of imposing an unpleasant or unwanted outcome on a person or group of individuals is referred to as punishment. The penalty is imposed by authorities, and it can range from child discipline to criminal law (LaFollette, page 475-501). It is used to deter a specific habit or conduct...

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interrogation Police interrogations and false confessions

In criminology or law enforcement, interrogation refers to the process through which a representative from a law enforcement agency gathers information about a crime by questioning suspects, victims, or occasionally witnesses in order to help them solve the crime. The duration of an interrogation might range from a few minutes...

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Racialization and Policing

The American approach to drug control is often influenced by national traits, particularly the legal system. The number of drug cases in the United States (U.S.) is higher than in any other nation. To lower the level of drug usage, different laws are implemented; these include street arrests, interdictions, and...

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Gun Control and Weapon Sales

Gun control refers to the enactment of policies that regulate the manufacture and sale of weapons. Will gun control insurance policies make the country safer? Criminals find it simpler to assault their victims using dangerous weapons such as guns. When a criminal brandishes a gun, it turns into easier for...

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Forms of Gun Control

Recent reports of illegal shootings and gun abuse in the United States have reignited the controversy about the need for gun safety. One side of the issue contends that gun reform is important to ensure public safety, while the other contends that it is futile because it would do nothing...

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