Gun Control and Weapon Sales

Gun control refers to the enactment of policies that regulate the manufacture and sale of weapons. Will gun control insurance policies make the country safer? Criminals find it simpler to assault their victims using dangerous weapons such as guns. When a criminal brandishes a gun, it turns into easier for the victim to cooperate with the demands of the criminal. Proposers of gun manipulate policies insist that the regulations will reduce the variety of guns in the streets and make it harder for criminals to access the weapons. On the different side, those against the idea argue that convenient access to guns can help the residents protect themselves when confronted by a criminal. It is an apparent fact that law enforcement officers cannot be able to protect all the people at all times. On occasion of terrorist attack, many people with guns would be more efficient in eliminating the terrorist as compared to a situation when people are unarmed.

Firstly, the primary aim of gun control policies is to reduce accessibility of guns in the country (Carter 65). When the number of guns on the streets is high, criminals have an easy time accessing the guns and using them in carrying out their crimes. The guns make the society live in stressful environments due to fear of criminals. Guns are very dangerous, and most of the times the victims die on the spot or sustain serious injuries. Therefore, criminals have a possibility to subdue their victims and rob them. Gun control policies seek to reduce the number of guns on the streets by licensing the vendors and regulating the number of people that can access them. It is logical that fewer numbers of guns in the streets would make it hard for criminals to obtain the weapons and reduce the number of crimes. As much as the point is valid, the people would also possess the guns and be in a position to ensure their protection. As much as the criminals can access the gun, the people have a chance to do the same.

In a confrontation between a criminal and a victim, guns tend to worsen the situation. If the criminal feels threatened, it becomes easier for the thug to shoot the victim. Guns are easy to use, but the consequences are hazardous. Therefore, the chances of victims dying in a confrontation are higher with guns. In a situation where the criminal brandishes a knife, it would take much effort for the criminal to subdue and kill the victim. More so, one offender would find it harder to challenge a group of victims to rob them. Guns give the criminals more confidence in undertaking their heinous crimes. Criminals with a higher confidence and experience are more dangerous to the people, thus making the society unsafe. Therefore, it is logical to admit that lesser guns on the streets would reduce the confidence of criminals and diminish the chances of a confrontation to turn tragic.

Gun control policies require the government to possess a list of all people owning guns in the country. The list ensures accountability from the gun owners (Moore 46). In case the police apprehend a criminal using the gun, the owner will be accountable for the gun and face the law. Such measures will make it hard for the owners of guns to hire out their guns to criminals. In some instances, domestic quarrels end up in a fatal way when one of the couples possesses a weapon. More so, many children have access to the illegal guns owned by their parents risking their lives in the process. The policies need to make it hard for people to own guns by necessitating a background check on the applicant. Any individual with a criminal background cannot be in a position to own a licensed gun to avoid using the weapon in a crime. Thus, the society will be in a better state of peace and tranquility.

One of the underlying issues is the effectiveness of the policies in eliminating all the guns. Is it possible for the police to ensure a total elimination of all the illegal guns from society? It is possible for the police to protect the borders of the country and ensure no weapons enter the country illegally. Such challenges are not easy to eliminate. Criminals will always have a way of getting guns into the country even with the gun control policies in place (Green 52). In such situations, the population becomes more vulnerable. For example, with the gun policies, law-abiding citizens will return all their illegal guns to the government, leaving them vulnerable to criminals. At such times, criminals will be at an advantage because the general population will not possess any form of weapon that might threaten the activities of lawbreakers.

In the act of terrorism, extremists enter the country with guns and use them on innocent people. Consider a situation where the people have access to guns without the gun control policies in place. Armed citizens would find it easier to attack the terrorist and neutralize the threat quickly. However, if the citizens do not have guns, a single terrorist will be in a position to kill over a hundred people. Disarming the people using the gun control policies seems to make them susceptible to attacks from terrorists. The constitution tasks the police with the protection of the citizens. However, it is not logical to expect the police to protect the people at all times due to their number. Therefore, gun control policies might make the population more vulnerable by limiting the access to guns to the people but failing to do the same for criminals (Valdez 75).

A keen consideration of the two positions proves to be a challenging task. Should the government do away with the gun control policies or ensure total obedience from the citizens? Are the gun control policies capable of making the community safer or the its implementation will make the society more vulnerable? These hard questions explain the varied opinions between those supporting the motion and those objecting the gun control policies. Both sides of the debate have logical explanations to their ideas. For example, easy access to guns makes it more possible for criminals to get the weapons and use them for illegal activities. Similarly, when the number of guns is high on the streets, it would be easier for armed citizens to neutralize an armed terrorist and minimize the potential damage caused by the criminals. Therefore, it is gun control policies have the possibility of making the population safer as well as leaving the community vulnerable.

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