Essays on Law Enforcement

Arguments Against Gun Control Laws

Gun control is termed as a set of laws or rather policies that highly regulate not only the manufacture but also the sale, possession, modification, transfer, as well as the use of firearms by the state civilians. Concerning this, in the contemporary world, owing to America’s pervasive gun culture, the...

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Gun Control and Self Defense

The Sanctity of Human Life and the Need for Self-Defense The issue of gun control is centered on the sanctity of human life since all individuals posses a natural right to life. This right is inevitable despite one’s experience, background or individual attributes (LaFollette 6). Thus, there is a great need...

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The Principle of Charity

1. Critical thinking in politics Especially in regards to emotive community issues includes examining how the citizens interact with the information they get by listening to or reading about the issue. It also includes assessing how the people interact with the others regarding those issues. A divisive matter such as fracking...

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Gun Control in the United States

In the United States, guns represent a sacred emblem especially in regard to the attainment of Independence from the Great Britain. Guns are also crucial in the provision of security by the government through various agencies such as the secret service and the FBI among others. However, the recent mass...

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Mental Health and Gun Control

When Robinson claims we need more gun control, he overlooks the cause of the violence. Once we have taken the mental state of the shooter into consideration, it becomes clear we must focus on the lack of psychological care in our country to stop the mass shootings. Based on the...

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The Impact of Gun Control on Crime

Crime incidences by gun users are rampant in the society. As a result family, friends and even the entire American communities have been devastated by such occurrences. For instance, there was a recent incident in a school in Florida, where the attacker managed to shoot children and eventually kill himself....

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The Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America

In essence, second Amendment states that, "A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed." Our nation’s fathers trusted that owning firearm was fundamental to the dignity and the character of a free...

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Texas State Rifle Association

1. The Texas State Rifle Association is the Official State Association of the National Rifle Association and a premier firearms organization in the State of Texas that seeks to acquire the necessary resources in support of a number of public activities that engage the use of...

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Racial Profiling: An Unconstitutional Practice

Law enforcement agencies and the creation of profiles Law enforcement agencies seek to protect the rights of the people. Throughout its execution of duty, these agencies identified various patterns of law violations linked to certain characteristics of the perpetrators, allowing for the creation of profiles. From these, officers can infer the...

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Police Brutality Issue in US

Atop the various activities that constitute police misconduct is police brutality. Notably, police brutality is not an American problem or a problem that is only prevalent in certain regions. Police brutality is widespread and it is sad to note that its extremity appears to be on the rise in some...

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Applewood Avenue: A Community in the West End of Toronto, Canada

Different neighbourhoods have different issues that affect the social lives of people. However, some of these problems such as crime rates are not specific to single areas. They generally affect the contemporary society. Community policing, also known as community-oriented policing has been identified to be one of the most efficacious...

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Gun Control dilemma in the United States

Gun Control: A Controversial Issue Gun control refers to any designed legal measure aimed at preventing or restricting possession and use of firearms. In most developed nations, gun control is given much attention thus making it uncontroversial and strict. However, in others, the aspect has emerged as a heated political issue...

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