Essays on American Constitution

Pro and Anti-Slavery Opinions 1846-1861

Before the Civil War started, both the North and the South as a whole and the people living there had very different views on the subject of slavery. The U.S. Constitution, which was established in 1789, gave rise to numerous groups that were vying for control of the Union's future....

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Where does the notion of a separation of church and state come from?

The US First Amendment prohibits Congress from passing laws that support an establishment of a specific religion, which is where the idea of a separation between church and state originated. (Van and Kurt 58). The federal government is required to uphold a position of religious neutrality. The sixth article of...

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US Constitution Amendment

The lengthy and difficult process involved in amending the Constitution makes it a deliberately challenging task. In addition, although amendments should result in improvements to the initial document, their nature is heavily political. In essence, the Congress has only been successful 27 times in its efforts to address contentious issues...

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There should not be a new Constitutional convention called and the US Constitution repealed.

The US Constitution has been called for amendment on a very large scale. There are several justifications for loosening more democratic and constitutional rights in the areas of gerrymandering, campaign finance, and gun regulation. But in my opinion, the constitution does not require to be abolished by calling for a...

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The Constitution of the United States Gun Control and the Second Amendment

The US Constitution recognizes citizens' freedom to keep and bear arms. (Cottrol & Viator, 2012). Because the Second Amendment was drafted without any limitations, there are presently laws that restrict the idea of gun ownership. Public safety is the primary argument in favor of gun control, but those who believe...

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Constitutional law of the United States

The application and meaning of the US constitution are both covered by constitutional law. It addresses the fundamental bond that individuals have with their community and, among other things, covers the laws governing religion, free speech, and assembly. The first amendment to the US constitution limited the Congress's and the...

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The Fourth Amendment of America

The Fourth Amendment prohibits the police and other government agents from interfering with a person's right to privacy, performing searches without a warrant, and seizing property without first establishing probable cause that the person being searched has committed a crime. However, the court's decision in Maryland v. King noted that...

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The U.S. Constitution

The United States Constitution guarantees all citizens access to quality, affordable health care (Maxwell, et al., 2015). Yet, some people, particularly the elderly, chronically ill, and mentally challenged, continue to be denied access to services. The majority of nurse practitioners (NPs) focus on school health, women's health, psychiatry, oncology, and...

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Freedom of speech - a constitutional right

The first amendment of the US constitution includes the right to free speech as a constitutional guarantee. The fundamental idea underlying the cry for free speech was to live without the fear of going to jail for expressing one's opinions. The constitution's creators paved the way for this. The United...

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Corse Case Gravel

Gravel v. United States, 408 U.S. 606 (1972), was a case in which a US senator read to a subcommittee from classified documents that were later made public. The issue concerned the protections provided by the Debate Clause in the United States Constitution. It was held on June 15, 1971,...

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Implications of Federalism Essay

One of the tenets of the American constitution is federalism. Although the term "federalism" is not stated in the American constitution, the idea is generally known. What are the consequences of federalism in the American constitution, and what are the favorable and unfavorable outcomes that result from it? Federalism has...

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Presidents in American History

In American history, many presidents have raised constitutional concerns relating to their positions, actions, or attitudes. During their administrations, Presidents Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush all faced certain constitutional problems. In each case below, define the constitutional issues. ANSWER: Situation of the President What was the constitutional...

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