Essays on Marijuana Legalization

The legalization of marijuana has been internationally debated for generations, so your marijuana legalization essay will be one among many. Policies on drugs and cannabis differ internationally, so while writing a marijuana legalization essay make sure to check different global sources. The reason for prolonged debate over marijuana legalization is due to inconclusive scientific studies as well as varying liberalization of legislation. Authors of many essays on marijuana legalization follow different countries on their way to legalizing marijuana. The international practice of legalizing marijuana in various regions of the world differs significantly – our samples of essays cover different countries’ ways to do it. A country where the possession and use of marijuana are legal are Uruguay, Georgia Canada, South Africa, part of the US (11 states, 2 territories, and DC), and part of Australia. Our handpicked marijuana legalization essay samples can make your essay more comprehensive – give them a read!

The Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana

The legalization of marijuana is a topic that is hotly contested in the United States. Marijuana (Cannabis sativa) is a drug that has hundreds of compounds among them tetrahydrocannabinol, which many consume for its intoxicating effects. Apart from the intoxicating compounds cannabis also has other medicinal compounds that the world...

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Analysis of Legalization of Marijuana

Due to marijuana sales being illegal in the country, the current supply chains are secretive for security purposes. Legalization of the product will eliminate the supply channels due to lack of any reasons to keep the business from the attention of the government. However, the legalization will introduce new channels...

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Marijuana Legalisation in California and Australia

In early January 2018, California legalised recreational use of cannabis in the US making it the largest state to permit the use of the medicinal drug. The legalisation was after Initiative Ballot of 2016 which witnessed more than 56 percent of voters who turn out and supported the validation of...

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Marijuana Legalization Issue

The usage of marijuana has created a heated debate on a national stage. Some governments have seen fit to legalize the drug as a result of this. Considering that marijuana is one of the substances with psychoactive effects that is most commonly abused worldwide. Despite being prohibited in some nations,...

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Marijuana - not a gateway drug

According to Maldonado-Molina and Lanza (901) marijuana is not a gateway drug because it is unlikely that using it will lead to the use of other legal and illegal drugs like alcohol, heroin, cocaine, and tobacco as well as addiction to those drugs. The dried leaves, stem, flowers, and seeds...

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Can Legalization of Marijuana Be Justified on the Basis of Utility Versus Consequences Concept

Marijuana legalization has been a divisive issue in the United States and around the world. Historically, most governments have prohibited the use of marijuana for any reason, including medical purposes. This began to change with the increased campaigning by various groups to legalize marijuana for a variety of reasons, including...

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Definition of the problem - Legalization of Marijuana

Marijuana, a well-known recreational drug, has been listed as the third most regularly used drug in the United States, after only alcohol and cigarettes. According to various organizations' special reports, at least 80% of US citizens consume marijuana. According to government statistics, about 20 million persons have used marijuana in...

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Debate essay on legalizing marijuana

Several arguments have been offered in favor of legalizing marijuana. While many Americans support marijuana legalization, others strongly believe that marijuana should stay outlawed. Yet, it must be realized that legalizing marijuana will alleviate the country of its financial and social burdens. According to Levin, around 658,000 marijuana-related arrests occurred...

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Medical marijuana: The Botanical Medicine of Cannabinoids

Prior to the speech, my position on the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes was positive. I agreed with the use of medical cannabis. The conference presentation persuaded me even more to support the use of medical marijuana. The legalization of medical marijuana will have an impact on healthcare. Marijuana...

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Economic and Industrial Benefits of Legalization of Marijuana

The majority of states in the United States have allowed marijuana use only for medical purposes. Marijuana legalization supporters claim that the economic and industrial benefits of marijuana legalization are dependent on various factors, the first of which is the savings on reduced criminal expenses of marijuana law enforcement (Evans...

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Essay on marijuana benefits on health

This project aims to investigate if marijuana is ultimately hazardous for human consumption or if it has certain favorable effects on the human body that can be quite beneficial to the users' lives. This project involves conducting a literature review on some of the accessible publications that describe the benefits...

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Legalization of marijuana research essay

Cannabis sativa, often known as marijuana, is becoming more accepted by the general population not only in the United States of America but also in many other nations across the world. According to recent surveys, marijuana use is becoming more prevalent and is supported by more than half of the...

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