Essays on Marijuana

The Legalization of Marijuana

Marijuana is extracted mostly from the flowers of the Indian hemp plant, according to Cannabis Free World. Marijuana is brownish in color and is made up of dried-out hemp plant leaves, roots, and flowers. When weed is smoked, it emits a strong sweet odor. Marijuana and hashish contain “over 400…

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Essay On Marijuana Legalization

Legalization of leisure marijuana has various benefits when observed primarily based on the policies that have been instituted in states like Washington and Colorado where cannabis has been legalized. Firstly, legalization of marijuana will lead to reduced prices on the product as compared to the prices in the black market…

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Legalizing Marijuana by Golden Mean Argument

Marijuana has been commonly used for a large number of years. Marijuana has both therapeutic and recreational values, much like any other substance. Additionally, however, the drug causes adverse effects on the human body. Marijuana is used medically for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease and helps to control epileptic…

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Medical Marijuana and Opioids Comparison

The use of opioids as painkillers is a common phenomenon worldwide. Opioids are majorly used to treat post-surgery pain among sufferers who have undergone surgical procedure as well. Likewise, medical marijuana is gaining reputation on the same basis of pain remedy as opioids. In the United States, pharmacists are devising…

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Marijuana Legalization

Pyke, A, the guy (2016). The $2.4 billion effects of marijuana in Colorado are a lesson for five states seeking legalization. In this post, Alan Pyke discusses the economic effects of the legalization of marijuana with a focus on Colorado. Through citing that the weed industry has become one of…

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