Essays on Cannabis

Californian marijuana legalization

Marijuana, often known as cannabis, marijuana, herb, pot, or bud, is one of the many narcotics that are abused around the globe. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that about 20 million people use the medicine each month (63). About 47% of American adults stated they had used…

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Opioids and marijuana

The subject I chose for Writing Project Three, while studying, is the use of opioids and marijuana. I primarily discussed the factors that make opioids such a dangerous drug. In addition, I examined how people have a stereotypical view of marijuana and why such views are restricting marijuana’s medicinal use….

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The legality of cannabis has always been a contentious issue, whose use has been deemed illegal for a long time now. The United States federal authorities prohibits its use, ownership, farming, and transporting. Recently, its medical use has been allowed in some of the states. Why does it remain an…

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About Marijuana

The above-mentioned substance is a pro-active compound derived from the Cannabis plant that can be used for either medicinal or recreational purposes. The editorial teams that focused their articles on the dig have expanded a narrative question in regards to the societal, political, and legal consequences that medical marijuana legalization…

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