Essays on Smoking

Essay-writers in each smoking essay emphasize the dangers of smoking, and fairly so. After all, smoking is one of the most widespread bad habits in the world – there are about 2 billion smokers worldwide. It is a detrimental habit, as cigarette smoke contains more than 30 toxic components – you can go into them one by one in your essays on smoking. It's no secret how dangerous smoking is, however, around 18 billion cigarettes are sold globally every day. Smoking essays often include a lot of statistics, as facts speak louder than opinions. An estimated $50 billion a year is spent on treating smoking-related diseases in the United States alone. This means that for every pack of cigarettes, about $2 are spent on treating smoking-related diseases. Crazy, right? If you need more info on smoking for your essays, review our smoking essay samples.

Smoking in children

Smoking and its Impact on Health Smoking predisposes one to various health problems including cancer of the lung, addiction, and adoption of harmful behaviors. Amongst adult smokers, smoking patterns have shown no significant reduction and a possible rise in smoking in the young individuals and the preteens has been reported (Lando,...

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The Effects of Second Hand Smoke on Children

1. Do you agree with the no smoking law in all public buildings in the state of Illinois? Should other states pass this law? What are the physical effects of second hand smoke on a child's airway? Should smoking in the presence of young children be...

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Banning Smoking in Public Places

Smoking in Public Places: A Health Hazard Smoking in public places is a health hazard for the smokers as well as the non-smoking public. The main dangers of smoking in public are often health-related as well as accident fires. More fatalities arise from public smoking are connected to the adverse effects...

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Tobacco Control

The World Health Organization suggests that approximately 5 million people die every year in the world because of tobacco use. Further, the report argues that, “the use of tobacco may cause about one billion deaths in the 21st century if current trends continue” (World Health Organization, " Research for International...

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Ban on Smoking in Public Spaces

The Health Risks of Public Smoking The ban on smoking in public spaces has been an ongoing topic of discussion in different health platforms all over the world. Every year, several people are reported to die from lung cancer and other smoking-related health conditions. Nonetheless, despite the several reported deaths, tobacco...

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The Importance of Smoking Ban in Public Places

The number of the individuals who smoke has risen over the years. Even though they are aware of how harmful smoking can be, the public still decides to use a cigarette. It is an individual decision, and it is a habit which is extremely addictive. It is not the responsibility...

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Electronic Cigarette

The opening sentence The opening sentence used by the author does not induce vigor of reading the article. Words arrangement in the sentence is not right, it should have read, ‘Herbert A. Gilbert filed the first electronic cigarette for a patent in 1963.’ The writer assumes that the reader knows what...

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Tobacco Control Policy

The Importance of Tobacco Control Policies Over the years, tobacco smoking has become a worldwide concern for health. Thus, the US government alongside other countries has been on the move in passing policies and ordinances which control the use of tobacco. The health implications associated with tobacco smoking have been more...

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Public Smoking and Non-Smokers

Smoking is an endemic problem that not only affects smokers, but also goes as far as affecting innocent non-smoking public. At the core of this problem is the issue of smoking in public places. Being a risk to public health a ban on public smoking can be a life saver,...

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Effects of Smoking on Society

Introduction Even though almost every smoker realizes the harm caused by smoking, the number of smokers in the world remains enormous. Due to a low price, availability, legality, and the promotion of cigarettes in the media, almost every second there is a new person that starts smoking. The main reason for...

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The Case for the Abolition of Cigarette Production and Sale

The cigarette is one of the deadliest drugs known to human beings. In the developed countries, there are attempts to minimize the smoking rates. There are different measures which have been suggested to help reduce the risks posed by consumption of the drug which includes increased taxes, bans on cigarette...

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Tobacco Addiction

The Question of Outlawing Cigarettes and Tobacco Products The question of whether cigarettes and other tobacco products should be outlawed is still an argument as many agree as well as disagree from the same. Tobacco is a plant which is grown and contains nicotine which affects one to be dependent on...

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