The Effect of Education Level on Financial Abuse of Women

Stakeholders' Failure to Find Long-Term Solutions Stakeholders have failed to find long-term solutions to issues that relate to gender inequality. Considerably, the decision of the writer to research on how education prevents women from financial abuse is one way of managing the factors that contribute to gender discrimination that targets women....

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Elder Abuse in the United States

Over the years elderly mistreatment has been recognized as a social problem that has affected the society at large. The magnitude of the problem is uncertain but it is increasing in the United States and other countries in the world. Elderly abuse can be referred to as an intentional act...

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Elder Abuse in Indian Country

Hall, G., " Weis, B. Elder Abuse. Elder Care: A Resource for Inter-professional Providers. Retrieved March 9, 2015, from (2007). Elderly abuse has become one of the most concerns on tribal lands despite many cultural norms stressing on the respect for the old. The author notes that, Native American elders...

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Domestic violence as a social issue

The violence that results from domestic misunderstandings is a serious social issue as it possesses the threat of tearing down contemporary founded families and societies. It’s committed by an individual as a result of making a conscious judgment to enforce power and control over an intimate companion. Abusers often resort...

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Non Verbal Communication

* The work is on topic, the work has clear structure and logical flow. * The work is supported by 6 credible sources * The Writer has revealed the main questions: + What is non-verbal communication and how it is used in abusive relationships. + What...

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Failure to Report Abuse of Seniors

While it is evident that the rates of suicide have gone up, people decide to hide the fact the individual took their own life for several reasons. One of the reasons why people fail to report is due to the social stigma associated with such a death occasioned by the...

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Civil Commitment of Sex Offenders after Sentences Served in Washington

Sex Abusers and Civil Commitment Sex abusers who are civilly committed are held in an indirect detention facility. It is based on the likelihood that the offenders pose a danger to the community and will likely continue to commit crimes. Additionally, it is enforced on criminals who have mental health issues...

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Unending Propaganda and Surveillance

The majority of authoritarian administrations gravely abuse the authority bestowed upon them by the people, ultimately manipulating and subjugating those same people. George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, published in 1984, offers insights into such an authoritarian state, whose main tactic was to repress its people through manipulation and control. The...

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Childhood Exposure to Domestic Violence Has Casual Effects on People's Adult Aggression

It is clear that many children who are exposed to domestic abuse react to it by experiencing emotional, academic, and behavioral problems. This study's main goal is to discover and analyze how exposure to domestic violence as a child affects people's adult levels of hostility (Widom, & Wilson, 2015). Both...

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Definition of Violence Violence is described as the deliberate use of physical force or control, whether threatening or actual, against oneself, another individual, or a group or society, which results in or has a high probability of resulting in injury, death, psychological damage, maldevelopment, or deprivation (World Health Organization). Violence may...

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Life Skills Education in Schools

The World Health Organization's Division of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Prevention released an article titled "Life Skills Education in Schools." Because of the content and the effect of the paper on the education community and society as a whole, the work was published and became popular. The article was...

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Child Abuse Article

When a parent or caregiver injures, emotionally harms, or kills a child, this is known as child abuse. Physical abuse, sexual abuse, exploitation, and emotional abuse are just some of the forms of child abuse that a parent or individual can engage in (Cicchetti et al. 252). When a parent...

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Pages: 7

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