Abuse: Emotional, Sexual and Physical Abuse

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Abuse is a well-accepted concept with multiple meanings. It can be described as a violation of human and civil rights by a particular individual or group of persons. Abuse to a person involves conduct that is coercive in various respects. Much of the time, individuals who experience some sort of violence may often experience emotional abuse. Abuse also happens when an individual has more powers than the other, so the offender typically has the upper hand or the financial muscle. Many of the vulnerable are the sick, children and aboriginal peoples, women who are mostly weak and unable to strike back. Women in some cultures are often regarded as the inferior gender and as such they are often abused by their spouses, and society turns a blind eye. Children can be abused by their parents, guardians or foster home through neglect, psychological, verbal or physical abuses and they have nowhere to go or finances to support themselves. The elderly are also abused by their families and also in nursing homes.
Abusers come in all types of shapes and sizes, they can be of any gender, age, race, or religion. However, one thing is prevalent with abusers; they have more power or authority than the person they are abusing. They often prey on weak victims and never on someone who is superior to them because they know that person will fight back. Abusers can be spouses, mostly male, parents, relatives, elder siblings, family members, teachers, doctors or medical professional on helpless patients, bosses on their workers, law enforcement official on civilians, or students. Children, people with disabilities and the elderly are the most vulnerable group. They are unlikely to report the abuse so it might occur over a long time.
No one is spared with the abuses even the some of the famous celebrities have undergone some form of abuse as children. Oprah Winfrey was sexually abused at a young age but rose beyond that to become the richest and the most influential show host. Joyce Meyer, a renowned televangelist, was sexually abused by her father when at a young age. Media mogul Tyler Perry admitted being molested in the hand of four male adults. Renowned actress and beauty queen Vanessa Williams and Queen Latifah also underwent sexual abuse at young ages. One thing is synonymous with all these people; they never reported the abuse until they were adults.
They are many forms of abuse namely, psychological or emotion, verbal, physical, sexual, financial or neglect. Abuse can manifest itself in different ways, something like emotional or verbal abuse can be very difficult to detect. All kinds of abuse affect a person negatively with emotional abuse often causing a permanent scar. It affects one character and development, especially if he or she underwent it at a young age and for a long period. To prevent abuse means people undergoing it must come out and report. This is not always effective as the abused are vulnerable and are afraid of their abusers. Abusers are often people expected to protect the ones they are abusing thus it makes it hard to detect abuse as they disguise themselves as good people. There have been even guardians who sexually abuse and impregnate their children as young as 5-10 years.
Often counseling is the best way to deal with such a menace; second is removing oneself from the situation. If it is a child, he or she can be taken to relatives or foster homes. Abused spouse can be taken to a shelter. The elderly abused by their families can be put in home for the elderly, or if abused at nursing home, families can hire a home caregiver. The abusers need to face the consequences, especially sexual abusers. They ought to be given tougher sentences so that it can discourage those who may want to abuse others. Additionally, abused persons should never be victimized when they report their abusers. The system should be made in a way that, they feel free to report these people who hurt them and know that the government shall protect them. It can be a challenge for a wife to report an abusive husband when she is financially dependent on them same with children on their guardians. There ought to be shelters or homes where they feel protected and well-taken care of.
Here is a detailed look at 3 types of abuse, namely sexual, physical and emotional abuse and their effect on individuals.
Sexual Abuse
Sexual abuse is any kind of non-consensual sexual contact. Sexual abuse by a partner in a relationship may entail offensive names, passing sexual disease intentionally, using toys or items without consent to cause humiliation, forcing one to have sex. There is also sexual harassment at work. Child sexual abuse is any sexual action with a child done by an older than her or her. This includes inappropriate touching of any part of the body sexually, penetrative sexual acts, oral, anal or vaginal, telling a child to participate in sexual activity, performing sexual acts in front of a child, encouraging kid to join prostitution or showing a child, pornography.
Symptoms of sexual abuse can be seen in the changes in behavior, like fear of an individual or some places, unexplained fear for physical exam, drawing of sexual actions, changes in conduct like bed wetting, having no control over their bowels, an abrupt understanding of genitals and sexual words, staying away from some individuals, teaching the other children to carry out sexual acts. Children who have been abuse tend to be afraid of being alone with some persons or are reluctant to hang out with them. Some kids exhibit sexual behavior that is not appropriate at their age.
Spousal sexual abuse has been occurring for a long time; however, it is hardly reported. People who abuse their partners feel that they have the power since they are in the relationship. Sexual abuse has adverse effects on the children. Some end up becoming sexually active at a very tender age. Some become promiscuous and end up engaging in prostitution.They also experience emotional issues like anger, disquiet, unhappiness and low self-esteem. Mental health problems like depression self-harm as well as suicidal deliberations. They abuse alcohol or drugs. They are confused or distressed. They are not fit physically suffer from pains or obesity or extreme weight loss.When they get into relationships, they have a hard time trusting people or even staying in a relationship. They also have problems parenting their children. They become anti-social and might engage in criminal activities. They are also in a constant worry of being abused again.
The best way to deal with sexual abuse is if it is a child, they should be encouraged to report the person without fear. The parents can then report the person to the police. There have been cases where children report sexual abuse done by a family member and nothing is done. That is why most children are afraid of their abusers. Remove the child from that place immediately. If the abuse is done by family members, report the family member or teacher or relatives, or caregiver, they must be kicked them out of the house. A child or person should be tested for sexually transmitted diseases. Counseling is very important in healing emotional pain. Guardians ought to be very supportive of their child. They should not castigate them or doubt them, but rather do their own investigation. It is not easy to open up bearing in mind that the abusers normally make threats.
Emotional Abuse
Emotional or psychological abuse is the subjecting a person to emotional pain through humiliation, making demeaning comments, shouting at someone, belittling a person, intimation and threats, constant criticism, making one feel guilty or emotional blackmail, economic abuse where attempts are made to stop a person from being independent, telling someone they are incapable of doing anything among others. This is actually the worst kind of abuse as it causes deep scars. The person may not even know he or she is being abused as abusers are very manipulative. This is the kind of abuse that is very difficult to detect. Child neglect or spousal neglect can be viewed as emotional abuse.
Symptoms of emotional abuse include stunted growth, feeling of unworthiness, suicidal thoughts, depression, antisocial behaviors and health challenges such as weight loss, obesity, and headaches. Emotional abuse has an effect on the mental, behavioral and physical growth of a person. They often have very low self-esteem. Speaking to someone can really help. One can confide in a friend, a colleague, or a guardian. It is also very important to see a counselor. There are organizations that help people who have undergone any form of abuse.
Physical Abuse
Physical abuse is the deliberating causing harm physically or bodily to an individual. The most vulnerable groups are the children, elderly and women in the form of domestic abuse. It can be done through scratching, pinching, pulling one hair, throwing things at them, shoving them around, grabbing one clothes, grabbing a person to stop them from going somewhere or forcing them to come, using sharp objects like firearms, knives, clubs among other weapons. Physical abuse is the easier to notice and does not affect a person mentally or emotionally in most cases.
Children are advised to talk to their parent, teachers or older siblings. If it is an older person being physically abused, they can get a report and restraining order against the abuser. The main thing is to recognize that recognize that physical abuse is wrong. Adults who are in abusive relationships should break if off very fast. Abusive partners have never changed. Abusers at times tend to have deep childhood issues, so they tend to exert dominance against the most vulnerable to feel powerful or good about themselves.
Any kind of abuse is a violation of human rights. The US justice and criminal system are doing a good job by enacting laws that give harsher sentences and punishment to the abusers. The laws particularly pertaining women and children deserve a special mention. The state takes away any child who is being abused by their guardians. This forces them to be careful and protective of the children. There are also shelters where victims of domestic violence can go as well as nursing homes for the elderly. Finally, counseling is crucial for any form of abuse

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