Section 13 Summary

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The chapter addresses the increasing instances of abuse in schools. The growing cases of violence among school-goers were recognized by Gilliland & James (2013) and the fact that home protection is currently based on ensuring that students are safe within the school atmosphere and beyond the learning areas. The chapter shows that more than 3.3 percent of violent crimes in the United States are inside the school perimeter by analyzing the FBI’s statistics (Gilliland & James, 2013). Apparently, statistics gathered between 2008 and 2009 showed that 38 teachers, workers, and non-student people died from violence in general. A common form of violence that is identified to be rampant among students is cyber bullying. Various suicidal and murder cases have occurred over the past as a result of uncontrolled bullying by fellow students (Gilliland & James, 2013). Thus, various key interventions are proposed to help schools cope with this form of violence. Some of the legislative approaches recommended include: having a face-to-face or cyberthreat policy for any form of threat noted, severe actions against bullying, report forms and tracking records of bullying, as well as teacher and student needs assessment.

To further address bullying incidents in the school environment, the chapter proposes individuals interventions including: identifying the bully then conducting punishment such as expulsion, detention, or disciplinary action depending on the form of violence committed. There can also be a consequential approach in which the students are taken through an anger management program (Gilliland & James, 2013). It is also determined that a feelings approach may be appropriate in order to enforce positive response among perpetrators towards abandoning the behaviour. The chapter also identifies the cases of estranged violent offenders including school shooters. It is determined that students committing such violent crimes might be associated with psychological problems (Gilliland & James, 2013). Other factors associated with violence include having an abusive childhood, poor academic performance, and altered state of consciousness.


Gilliland, B. E., & James, R. K. (2013). Crisis intervention strategies.

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