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Tobacco Control in Oklahoma

Substance abuse is one of the most pertinent issues facing most communities. States and nations today. Mainly, tobacco smoking takes the center-stage for its widespread use. Additionally, the effects of tobacco traverse both users and non-users due to exposure to the smoke. As such, approaches to limit the use of...

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The Impact of Tobacco on Human Health

In summary, the topic has expounded large-scale primary knowledge on the harmful health effects of smoking as most bodies and health professionals bound it to adverse risks, diseases, health harm and a possible cause of premature deaths. The project has created a greater concern on the need for building better...

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Tobacco Control

The World Health Organization suggests that approximately 5 million people die every year in the world because of tobacco use. Further, the report argues that, “the use of tobacco may cause about one billion deaths in the 21st century if current trends continue” (World Health Organization, " Research for International...

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Tobacco Control Policy

The Importance of Tobacco Control Policies Over the years, tobacco smoking has become a worldwide concern for health. Thus, the US government alongside other countries has been on the move in passing policies and ordinances which control the use of tobacco. The health implications associated with tobacco smoking have been more...

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The Case for the Abolition of Cigarette Production and Sale

The cigarette is one of the deadliest drugs known to human beings. In the developed countries, there are attempts to minimize the smoking rates. There are different measures which have been suggested to help reduce the risks posed by consumption of the drug which includes increased taxes, bans on cigarette...

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Tobacco Addiction

The Question of Outlawing Cigarettes and Tobacco Products The question of whether cigarettes and other tobacco products should be outlawed is still an argument as many agree as well as disagree from the same. Tobacco is a plant which is grown and contains nicotine which affects one to be dependent on...

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BAT Company Transportation Management

The investigation of the effectiveness of factors taken into account when choosing Incoterms, carrier selection criteria, and carrier relationship management in the British American Tobacco corporation is the primary goal of this paper. Contracts are made between the shipper and the carrier every time commodities, products, or raw materials are...

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A Thrilling Business Tourism Ordeal in visiting Kenya

The Adventure of Business Tourism in Kenya The year has been 2014. My uncle, a middle-aged man and an employee of British American Tobacco, had just been promoted to Senior Marketing Advisor. Before his death, I was next to him early last year. Uncle Harry had just been assigned duties in...

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The Health Consequences of Smoking

Smoking is a commonly used recreational drug. Tobacco smoking is the most prevalent type of smoking, with more than one billion people around the world doing so. Tobacco smoke contains complex chemical mixtures. Nitrogen oxide gas, hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide, polyaromatic hydrocarbons, benzene, formaldehyde, phenol, and nicotine are among the...

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Tobacco and alcohol

Many people are misled into believing that legalizing substances like tobacco and alcohol, as well as the government s ability to regulate their use, would make them less dangerous to society. Since people have differing viewpoints on various issues in life, every speaker or author should focus on persuading their audience...

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Smoking tobacco: A health hazard

The debate on whether smoking is the primary cause of cancer still holds amongst Tobacco companies medical fields. However, according to milbeerger et al (2006), majority of cigarette manufacturers debunks this claim stating that the smokers exercised their free will and as such the company’s brand are not to be...

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Health through the Life Cycle

A lifetime development phase approach to the prevention of tobacco and other drug abuse The article A lifetime development phase approach to the prevention of tobacco and other drug abuse suggests that multiple phases of human development have a close association with prevention strategies and schemes for drug abuse...

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