Tobacco Companies Marketing in Areas of Low-Income

Globally, the tobacco industry is a key field that uses vast amounts of capital to promote and advertise its goods on the market. It is perceived as the leading cause of death on a regular basis by consumers. However, they face constraints on advertising that require them to move to more innovative modes in order to overcome these odds and to sponsor their products through a variety of tactics. Tobacco marketing in high-end communities is subject to multiple bans, and stakeholders are shifting their resources to low-income regions to improve their goals. Moreover, the rates of smoking are declining in western nations, and the tobacco industry is banking its resources of marketing into the developing countries to attract young people and the low-living earners. This product acts as the only commodity that kills the consumers if the use exactly according to the intention of the manufacturers. In the low-income areas, people are subject to various forms of stress and depression that force them to indulge in smoking as a relieving factor. Its access in the developing countries is also higher than in the affluent nations. Therefore, the tobacco companies’ insidious advertising accelerates the consumption of their products in these areas with low-income earners.


Marketing is a vital entity in every firm, but the tobacco industry faces the challenge of advertising their products since it spearheads the selling of death. It experiences a controversy of how to promote poison that kills approximately 1000 people daily worldwide. It requires doing it with caution in the open spaces since it involves the healthy young people and the athletes. Therefore, the industry then argues that tobacco companies are marketing with the aim of building the loyalty of their brands and neither trying to persuade individuals to engage themselves in smoking nor for the smokers to continue without quitting. It is demoralizing that the promotion is everywhere low-income areas, but the industry can utilize these platforms to create warning signs and displays such as in convenience stores, banks, fuels stations since it does not increase the consumption instead it is maintaining their brands in the market. Tobacco marketing is more prevalent in the developing nations than in the higher-income regions, and the human right associations need to place measures to mitigate these situations. Therefore, the Cigarette industry clearly seems to be targeting the disadvantaged societies.

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