Dependent and Independent Variables

Identify the Independent Variable for each hypothesis mentioned (IV). Indicate if the IV is categorical or continuous. Indicate if the IV is on an interval or ratio scale if continuous. Then, the Dependent Variable (DV) is defined. Indicate if the DV is categorical or continuous. Indicate that the DV is…

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A Single Case Study

Female veterans who have worked in different countries, including Iran, are the target demographic for the interventions. The emphasis will be limited to Kim Petters, a female veteran who has worked for nearly a decade in the Air Force wing. The veteran has claimed on many occasions that only marijuana…

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Girl Child and Women Position in the U.S.

This is a query that has always lingered with logical thinking in my mind and, possibly, in the mind of any other girl and woman. I learned during my childhood and schooling time that women are regarded by U.S. culture and the world as sex objects. In films, movies, ads,…

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