Essays on Anthropology

The Dragons of Eden

Carl Sagan's 1977 book The Dragons of Eden: Speculation on Human Evolution is a work of science fiction. A variety of sciences, including anthropology and evolutionary biology, are used to try to explain the evolution of human intellect (Sagan 3). The author addresses the question of quantifying human intelligence capabilities....

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Mrs. Ples Australopithecus africanus

The modern human is descended from ape-like creatures that evolved in complexity and structure over the course of time. One of the first known human ancestors, Australopithecus africanus lived between the Pliocene and Pleistocene epochs between 3.3 and 2.1 million years ago. To the disapproval of the scientific community, Raymond...

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Ethics and murder essay

Mary Thompson saw Tom being cut down with a machete. She lied to the authorities when they questioned her about the incident and the unfortunate occurrence. She insisted that she remained silent. An anthropologist named Thompson was present to study a South-East Asian civilization. She asserted that she adhered to...

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sexuality and anthropology

The study of people from all over the world with regard to their behavior, evolutionary history, adaptations, communication, and relationships with one another is known as anthropology (Morris & Morris 2012, p.6). This field of study primarily considers a community's biological and social characteristics. Health, genetics, physiology, and nutrition are...

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anthropological research paper

Anthropological research has emerged during the last few decades as a crucial foundation of public nutrition research. Therefore, dieticians have a framework to use when addressing concerns related to food and nutrition. On the other hand, anthropology has aided dietitians in expanding their understanding of food systems and various social...

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Review on Africanist Archaeology and Ancient IQ: Racial Science and Cultural Evolution in the Twenty-First Century

This article is a research work on African Archaeology and Ancient IQ by Scott MacEachern, an associate professor of anthropology at Bowdoin College. Regarding Scott's primary research interests, he investigates the connection between human evolution in Africa and assertions that the continent has low average IQ scores. Philippe Rushton and...

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Why Some Ancient Societies turned to Food Production when They Could Hunt and Gather

Why ancient societies decided to adopt food production despite having outstanding hunting and gathering skills is one of the challenging problems that confounds many anthropologists. According to Melinda A. Zeder, the adoption of food production by ancient people was a crucial milestone in the evolution of man. The researcher contrasts...

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A Discourse Vigilantes

It develops from social structures in a particular setting. The facilities include several things, including media and politics. It involves many academic fields, including the humanities, social sciences, and anthropology. Events, language, and the methods used by a particular discourse to address its issues are given order by it. It...

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Johannes Fabian's How Others Die and Thomas Liqueur's The Deep Time of the Dead

Speaking for others is a concept that Johannes Fabian discusses in his research at the Amsterdam School of Social Research in the Netherlands. He goes over a number of anthropology-related ideas (Fabian 91). He scrutinizes the narrative of his early and current past while doing so. In this comparison, he...

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Critical Moral Anthropology

It has become clear through time that most anthropologists have neglected certain issues of morality and ethics. Given that an in-depth investigation reveals that anthropologists have continuously made research of factors associated to norms, such a stance is undoubtedly a source of considerable debate. Based on this analysis, it is...

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Kazakhstan Central Asia

Kazakhstan's capital city, Astana, is situated in Asia's northern region. This town has grown way too much. The northernmost capital city in Central Asia is located in a region of flat floodplain terraces with a distinctly continental climate. The modernity that is reflected in capital city urban planning is one...

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About Childhood Obesity

Deborah Edward interviews experts from a variety of fields for her piece, including history, anthropology, education, and cultural resource management (Edwards-Anderson, 2016). The article's multidisciplinary applications paint a detailed picture of the Dakota community and the war between the US and the Dakotas. The Dakota people historically focused mostly on...

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