Essays on Anthropology

Application of Ethics in Anthropological Analyses

The Application of Ethics in Anthropological Analyses The application of ethics in anthropological analyses introduces various theories regarding the causalities and intentionality of the moral principles that govern human behavior in the individual and communal contexts. Applying the theories of ethical relativism and objectivism to the same situations reveals the strengths...

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Social Constructions of Illness

Sufferings and illness are universal attributes which come to be endowed with cultural meaning. The cross-cultural framework of illness is appropriate in the comparative study. They offer a cultural understanding of illness across diverse cultural settings which are addressed by a number of medical anthropology studies. The cultural meaning of illness...

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Frantz Boas: Pioneer of Physical Anthropology

What Was Significant About the Pioneering Work of Frantz Boas in the Field of Physical Anthropology? Frantz Boas was a German-American anthropologist who is known for incorporating scientific principles into the field. His efforts directly influenced the anthropological pursuits in the modern era. His pioneering work played a crucial role...

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The Relationship Between Anthropology and History

The disciplines of anthropology tend to overlap those of history, and as such, this has made it possible for anthropology to play a significant role in promoting the comprehension of history. For that reason, this discussion will look at the overlap and the role anthropology has played in promoting the...

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Anthropology in the Modern World

The study of Anthropology aims to answer the question of what it simply means to be a human being. Anthropology emphasizes the study of different human cultures all over the world throughout history up to the present day. Anthropology provides an insight to all human aspects through a broad interpretation,...

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The Kinship System

Anthropologists play a crucial role in the society. As the bridge between past and present culture, anthropologists facilitate the collection of relevant information, which can be used in the reconstruction of the human processes and thoughts. The establishment of historical relations between different individuals in the society also falls under...

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Anthropological Perspectives on Rural Iraqi Village

Anthropology involves the study of the human condition as well as species, variations, and its evolution over a period of time and space (Berk 2018, Lecture 1). Based on Fernea, the primary interest of anthropologists is on how and why human species vary based on the appearance and lifestyle, regardless...

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The Importance of Culture

According to Stephen Tyler, culture is a complex combination of arts, customs, traditions, law, morals, knowledge, beliefs, and other habits that the members of a given society or community acquire. On the other hand, Clifford Geertz defined culture as a form of conception that people inherit from their parents and...

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The Importance of Anthropology in Modern Society

The paper seeks to counter the argument that anthropology is of little consequence to life in modern complex societies due to the perception that anthropologists concern themselves with exotic and primitive peoples marginal to modern civilization. Anthropology is the study generally the science of humanity. It is described as the study...

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Ethnicity and Race in Our Present-Day Society

The central concept of the readings is on ethnicity and race. The readings also emphasize on appreciating anthropology. Given the aspect of cultural identity, members of an ethnic group share specific values, beliefs, customs, and norms which is attributed to their common background. Ethnicity is drawn from the cultural similarities,...

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Fieldnotes in Ethnographic Research

Chapter one of Emerson et al. discusses about fieldnotes in ethnographic research. The ethnographer is expected to interact with people in different social settings (Emerson et al. 1).  Participation in activities is mandatory while observing the behaviors of subjects. The ethnographer is also required to note what he or she...

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An Ethnographic Visit to a Law Enforcement Agency

The paper is a reaction of an ethnographic visit to a law enforcement agency. It analyzes the key observations made during the visit while demystifying how ethnographic concepts play a role in framing the various dimensions of a police organization include its communication, relationships with the citizens, beliefs as well...

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