Essays on Ethnic Identity

Cultural Systems and Indigenous Religions

In essence, indigenous religion is a faith that has evolved and is affiliated with a certain ethnic community. There is a wide group of ethnic religions practiced by various peoples all over the world. While many of the various manifestations of indigenous religions arose in isolation from one another, there…

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Even though the educational achievement gap between White British and ethnic identity groups has narrowed, numerous ethnic minority groups continue to face educational disparities. Minority groups in British communities have traditionally been disadvantaged in receiving education in contrast to white British groups (Lymperopoulou, 2015). Immigrants after WWII lacked credentials, and…

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Influences of non-Anglo Americans on American Food and Diet

The United States is a nation made up of people from various ethnic identities. Since 1820, it is estimated that the nation has welcomed more than 75 million immigrants (Brown, Frank, and Bachmeier 12). Even though Anglo-Americans are the country’s largest minority community, their large population and early immigration make…

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Evaluation of Ethnic Groups in America

An ethnic group is defined as a population category, with significant similar characteristics, such as ancestral history, language and common cultural and national experiences. In America, for example, there are a number of ethnic communities which show certain similarities. Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, Indian Americans and Asia Americans, among others…

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