Pornography and Gender Inequality

Throughout history, women in the society have been viewed as the weaker gender who constantly dominated by the male gender. The current society, for instance, is not exempted in the act, have carried on with the viewing of women as being weaker (Banyard, 2016). In the below review the main...

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Pornography and Gender Equality

This research will explore feminism and Porngraphy, looking at how porn links to feminist politics and thus, shows gender equality. The study will explore the sociological context of pornography and how various feminist theories interlink. The study aims to analyse pornography as something which is created and interpreted within the...

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The Degree of Interdependence Between Gender and Business Start Up Success

The research methodology proposed for the present research will define logical steps and research methods used to solve the research problem, as well as to achieve the proposed research objectives and to illustrate how the research question(s) will be answered. With the choice of a research philosophy, approach, strategy, and...

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The Impact of Gender Discrimination on the Quality of Education

A larger extended historical background of literature explains the significant role education plays in the economic growth of a state. In addition, the level in which education has impacted nation’s potential to adopt measures such as technological change, women and youth empowerment, level of job creations, the international relation among...

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Gender equality in the workplace

1. A research to investigate the primary hindrances preventing the attainment of workplace gender equality in the UK’s financial sector and the contemporary society at large? 2. A study examining the origins of workplace gender disparity and their presence in the modern society 3. A study of the UK organisations to investigate...

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Gender Stereotyping and Theory of Mind

The study protocol and participants The research assistants conducted interviews at the respondents’ school, where they sat at a table and told that they were to listen to some stories and view pictures from the laptop. The study was carried out using the gold star stickers and the Microsoft Office PowerPoint...

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Gender Differences and The Effect of Facing Harder Competition

Perrone-McGovern, K. M., Wright, S. L., Howell, D. S., Barnum, E. L. (2014). Contextual Influences on Work and Family Roles: Gender, Culture, and Socioeconomic Factors. Career Development Quarterly, 62(1), 21-28 This is a popular source that explains the roles of boys and girls based on the traditional society set...

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The Influence of Gender on Moral Decisions

Sensorimotor Period This stage occurs between birth and age 2. Here, the infant attempts to understand the world through the coordination of sensory experiences (Lourenco 123). He/she infant understands the world through physical actions. For instance, during the first few weeks, the infant engages in 3 basic reflexes that Piaget describes...

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Gender and Performance in Science

Performance is one aspect that many people tend to focus on in the learning process. The difference in comprehension and results in various subjects has been one of the reasons why gender plays a role in the choice of courses for both males and females. However, boys as girls can...

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Hypothesis Testing

For each hypothesis listed, identify the Independent Variable (IV). Indicate if the IV is continuous or categorical. If the IV is continuous, indicate if it is on a Ratio or Interval Scale.    Then, identify the Dependent Variable (DV) . Indicate if the DV is continuous or categorical.  If the DV...

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Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

Increasing Women in STEM Over the years there has been the need to increase the number of women in STEM-related jobs, a move that has intensified because of the need to have a win-win situation (Diekman, et al 2010, p. 1051). That is, the society would benefit from having several STEM...

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Gender Discrimination at Work

Gender Discrimination in the Workplace Gender discrimination concerning pay, promotion opportunities, and career development remain a concern in most workplaces. It is socially, and morally wrong to mistreat employees, unfavorably, or differently because of their gender. There are two options that the board members can select to solve the dilemma Oilee...

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