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Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

Increasing Women in STEM Over the years there has been the need to increase the number of women in STEM-related jobs, a move that has intensified because of the need to have a win-win situation (Diekman, et al 2010, p. 1051). That is, the society would benefit from having several STEM...

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Racial Pay Gap in the United States

The Disparity in Wages Between American Races The disparity in wages between American races continues despite the efforts of equality advocates in the country. The highest paid Americans are primarily Asian Americans, followed by White Americans. Latin Americans are third on the list, followed by African Americans and then Native Americans...

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Revolution in the nursing profession

The word nurse is associated with child-suckling in Latin. Nursing is therefore strongly connected with women in many cultures. Males, on the other hand, have played an essential role in the history of nursing, although they have been mostly disregarded. The gender gap in nursing can be closed...

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Gender Pay Gap

The Gender Wage Gap is the distinction between the average weekly full-time equivalent wages of women and men, expressed as a percentage of men's income (Miller, 2017). This disparity is a product of several variables that determine the place and role of women in society, namely social, family and stereotypes....

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Gender Pay Inequality

The wage gap between men and women is the disparity in earnings for different occupations that contribute to unequal pay between the sexes (Campos, J. Elizabeth, 2). Although studies suggest that the pay gap for women and men has decreased over the past decade, change has been slow, growing by...

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