Essays on Gender Equality

Gender Discrimination at Work

Gender Discrimination in the Workplace Gender discrimination concerning pay, promotion opportunities, and career development remain a concern in most workplaces. It is socially, and morally wrong to mistreat employees, unfavorably, or differently because of their gender. There are two options that the board members can select to solve the dilemma Oilee...

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Gender Equality Issues

Introduction For doing the same job, a woman is paid a wage lower than that offered to a man. What a sad fact. The pure thought of it disturbs any parent who realizes that after schooling their daughter for all the years with the same fee payments as her male classmates,...

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Comparison Between Males and Females

There is the common saying that men are from Mars and women from Venus just to depict how the two genders of the same species are different. The comparison between females and males is not new to us. As a matter of fact, it has been carried out through the...

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Sexism in Men

Sexual discrimination or sexism is the prejudiced treatment of an individual by their gender or sex (MacKinnon, 2018). Evidently, the problem does not only affect women but also men and as such everybody should team up to counter sexism to accomplish wholesome gains. In this paper, the prime importance of...

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Breaking Barriers: Women's Fight Against Gender Inequality

1. What is the social problem(s)/are the women addressing? The social problem that women are addressing is gender inequality and its devastating effects on women. Usually, women in various countries are still facing numerous barriers in the quest for social, economic and political emancipation. Stereotypical beliefs prevent women from exploiting their...

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The Gender Pay Gap in the United States

Gender Pay Gap and its Impact on the Society Gender pay gap remains a significant issue in the US society. Research shows that the working women in the American society earn about 80% of what their counterpart men earn. This gap tends to intensify across the races with African American and...

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Pay Equity Issue

Pay Equity and its Importance Pay equity simply means equal pay commensurate to the value. Hence such discriminations based on color, gender and ethnicity pursuant to the wage setting system should not suffice (Bishu, Sebawit and Mohamad 97). Favoring Pay Equity Policies Do you favor or oppose pay equity policies. Why? Yes! I favor...

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The Origin of Gender Bias

Bias can be defined in so many different ways. However, one general definition brought out clearly by Turban, Freeman, and Waber ((2017) states that bias occurs when two or more groups of individuals act in an identical manner but are treated as if they were different. The triggers to such...

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Gender Inequality in Workplaces

I chose to write on gender inequality in workplaces since it was a pressing issue in my previous working place. It was superficial that women were discriminated in workplaces which makes them feel sort of lesser human beings. Despite the constitution’s laws instituted for protection against gender inequality, there has...

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Gender Equality in Education

Women’s education, empowerment and gender equality are among the most crucial factors of development in the twenty-first century, especially in the developing nations. It is very to examine the assumptions under which projects, programmes, and policies are formulated towards this goals. Empowerment is tied to the range of activities women...

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Gender Equality in the 21st Century

Gender equality is a state where both men and women have similar access to opportunities in all spheres of life which include financial and decision-making processes. However, it is not the case. Women face continued discrimination in almost all areas of life. In turn, it hampers their abilities and limits...

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The Impact of Gender Diversity on Knowledge Combination and Innovation in Technology-Based Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

The purpose of this essay is to summarise an academic article on “Knowledge Combination Capability and Innovation: The Effect of Gender Diversity on Top Management Teams in Technology-Based Firms” by Ruiz-Jime´nez, Fuentes-Fuentes, and Ruiz-Arroyo (2016), published in the Journal of Business Ethics. Study objectives The overall aim of the study was to...

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