Essays on Great Expectations

Male vs. Female Writers: How Female Characters Are Portrayed Differently

The disparities between viewpoints that male and female authors add to literature are often palpable. The characters they build as a result of these variations are also noteworthy. Even when reflecting on common characteristics of characters in a novel, their points of view are often diametrically opposed. Consider the depiction…

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Role of Women in Great Expectations

Women’s positions in society are evolving on a daily basis. From conventional positions to new roles that straddle the line between male and women’s equality. Women have risen to prominence by their mobilizing groups and sought a change in their communities’ roles. They are tired of being referred to as…

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Importance of narrative techniques

In this article, I would argue the use of storytelling approaches in the literature and compare the tools used in two literary texts: Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe and Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations. The importance of the methods cannot be overstated. They are primarily the cornerstone of a story; without narrative,…

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