Essays on Great Expectations

The Role of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs in Great Expectations

Human Development and Theories of Development Human beings undergo various stages of growth after their birth. Basically, these stages provide an opportunity of learning to the growing individual as he/she interacts with the immediate environment. As the individual proceeds from one stage to another, it can be said that he/she is...

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Male vs. Female Writers: How Female Characters Are Portrayed Differently

The disparities between viewpoints that male and female authors add to literature are often palpable. The characters they build as a result of these variations are also noteworthy. Even when reflecting on common characteristics of characters in a novel, their points of view are often diametrically opposed. Consider the depiction...

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Role of Women in Great Expectations

Women's positions in society are evolving on a daily basis. From conventional positions to new roles that straddle the line between male and women's equality. Women have risen to prominence by their mobilizing groups and sought a change in their communities' roles. They are tired of being referred to as...

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Importance of narrative techniques

In this article, I would argue the use of storytelling approaches in the literature and compare the tools used in two literary texts: Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe and Charles Dickens' Great Expectations. The importance of the methods cannot be overstated. They are primarily the cornerstone of a story; without narrative, there...

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