Essays on Ethical Challenges

workplace and religion

Ethical problems are circumstances where a person or an organization judges to be either right or wrong. Religion in the workplace is a moral dilemma that is on the rise in many countries, especially in the United States. Many people have complained of religious discrimination, particularly among Muslims in the…

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Pages: 4

Tuskegee syphilis experiment

In order to prevent the subject from causing physical, psychological or emotional distress, the experiment Tuskegeen syphilis breaks a first golden rule of ethical science. Therapy without anesthesia was administered and participants suffered from physical discomfort. The experiment also violated second golden rule, which calls for respondents to be made…

Words: 488

Pages: 2

Practical Aquaculture – Sustainability and Ethical challenge of Business Development

Practical Aquaculture – Sustainability and Ethical Business Development Aquaculture is a practice that keeps on gaining economic significance because of the dietary benefit related with the white meat instead of red meat (Pullin, Froese, and Pauly 53; Thu and Lebailly 1). This has meant expanded raising of fish to meet…

Words: 1842

Pages: 7


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