A cinematographer

A cinematographer is a director of photography who oversees the production of a film. Harrold Rosson was a pioneer in making The Wizard of Oz, which is widely regarded as one of the best films ever produced. Harrold Rosson is credited with being one of the first teams to use…

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The Lesson

Toni Cade’s short story “the lesson” is about a young black girl’s struggle to recognize the economic and social injustices she faces in 1970s Harlem, New York. Sylvia, the protagonist of the novel, is initially unable to admit that she is a victim of poverty and is unaware of the…

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The Journey to True Love

When I used to be a child, watching television and seeing people in love obtained me puzzled and wondered whether the emotions they had been feeling and expressing towards their beloved ones were actual or fictional. Once I got to adolescence, I had the opportunity to experience actual love when…

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“Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid

The story in query is in the form of a how-to-do and to-do list that contain a 650 phrase sentenced dialogue. It shows what a character, the girl, hears her mother say to her and is told in most cases in the second person. She can hear the instructions her…

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A&P Plot

Three barefoot and bathing suit-clad girls visit the A&P grocery store. Their clothing gathers notice. Sammy, a 19-year-old cashier in the shop, is attracted to the girls’ attention and explains their every breath. When the manager of the shop notices how the girls are dressing, he approaches them and advises…

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Boys and Girls

Chosen Passage: “A girl was not, as I had supposed, simply what I was; it was what I had to become. It was a definition, always touched with emphasis, with reproach and disappointment.” The narrator who is a girl enjoys helping his father do work outside. However, her mother, grandmother,…

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