Essays on Bill Of Rights

Scalia Antonin versus Breyer Stephen

We are not intended to be scared of saying the truth. The bill of rights, the most critical aspect of the constitution depicted in our map, is a validly anti-democratic text that tells people they cannot do what they wish. It is unrealistic to ask us to always express common…

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civil rights movement

When the civil rights movement is mentioned in a discussion, nearly everybody in the audience thinks about Martin Luther King Jr. and his commitment to the movement. Many young Americans equate the Reverend from Montgomery with the efforts and commitment made in the pursuit of freedom and justice for American…

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the bill of rights and civil liberties

The first amendment to the constitution is perhaps the most significant aspect of the constitution’s bill of rights. The amendment guarantees five of the most basic rights, including religious freedom, free expression, free press, free assembly, and the right to lobby the government to redress wrongs. However, there are other…

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