Essays on Social Responsibility

The Corporate Social Responsibility of Apple Inc

Businesses operate in the society. The association of a company and the community leads to a dynamic relationship. Enterprises strive for a symbiotic relationship which can benefit all stakeholders and avoid conflict. With the social performance of organizations becoming an element of success, it is essential to analyze companies such...

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Corporate Social Responsibility Paper

Promote a quality workplace by investing in employee s development, providing opportunities for growth and safeguarding the company s interests and corporate rights. Implementation of Quality Standards Standards guiding business operation are vital to any company or institution. For an employer to be able to deter employees from breaking the set laws,...

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Social Responsibility

It is said that it is better to learn from other people’s mistakes as opposed to struggling your own. While the statement has some truth in it, it is unfortunate that curiosity pushes an individual into doing things that result in negative consequences. Life is a journey full of lessons...

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Contemporary Multinational Enterprise research

Multinational corporations are required to meet the social needs of the locals in places where they do business. Exxon Mobil has not been left out of this discussion. There have been conflicting studies on the effect of corporate social responsibility initiatives implemented by oil companies in the Niger Delta regions...

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Ethical Issues in Business

In the preamble Social Responsibility In the preamble, social responsibility is described as the processes and measures that an organization takes to optimize its positive effects on its stakeholders while mitigating any negative impacts on them. The aim of social responsibility is to optimize the needs of stakeholders, who include shareholders, workers,...

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Turing Pharmaceuticals Ethical Violations

Scandals involving corporate responsibility and ethics have recently plagued the business community. For example, the Wells Fargo account scam, the Starbucks case, Volkswagen defrauding carmakers, and the most recent price gouging of the Daraprim drug by Turing Pharmaceuticals through its CEO Martin Shkreli. These blunders demonstrate unequivocally that ethics in...

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Caring for Business Success and Social Responsibility

Businesses Care and Social Responsibility Business care and social responsibility are methods employed by companies to retain their strategies and power, and it is necessary for all companies to engage in this. When adopted, these strategies ensure advancements in the business and they insure the internal and external factors that are...

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social responsibility of business

Four Main Theories on Corporate Social Responsibility There are four main theories on corporate social responsibility; political theory, instrumental theory, legal theory, and integrative theory. In instrumental philosophy, entrepreneurship is seen as a revenue-generating tool, and social enterprises are just a means of achieving economic performance. Political philosophy is self-interested in...

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