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The Incident of Southwest Airlines Flight 1380

The event relates to a bizarre incident involving the explosion of the Southwest Airline flight 1380 left engine that led to death of 43-year old Jennifer Riordan in Philadelphia. The explosion send shrapnel into window next to seat 14C where the victim was seated, breaking the window, and the sudden...

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South west airlines

For the past 31 years, South West Airlines has made enormous profits (Bird, 2011). In the airline sector, the corporation is renowned as a customer satisfaction leader. Furthermore, South West Airlines has been and continues to be the lowest cost airline when compared to its competitors in the airline business....

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Contingency Theory in the Case of Parker and Southwest Airlines

Contingency Theory As the CEO of Southwest Airlines, James Parker relies heavily on the contingency theory to make quick judgments that have helped the firm prosper in challenging times. This notion highlights that a leader's decision-making process is not always consistent. Some decisions, however, are made based on the underlying internal...

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Intellectual property (IP)

Intellectual Property and Its Role in Internal Factor Evaluation Intangible assets that a business legally owns are referred to as intellectual property (IP) in general. Additionally, these assets are guarded against being used without the company's permission by third parties. Some businesses use intellectual property, primarily brands and trademarks, as a...

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Southwest Airlines Is a Great Choice For Low-Cost Travel

Southwest Airlines Southwest Airlines is one of the biggest airlines in the United States and the world. The airline is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and flies to over 121 destinations within the United States and ten other countries. They have a reputation for providing low fares and are an excellent choice...

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