Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption differences

Symmetric Encryption Symmetric encryption uses the same key for both encryption and decryption, as the name would imply. The keys could have a straightforward transition or could be similar (Kahate, 2013). In actuality, they present a shared secret between two or more persons and can be applied to preserve a specific...

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Bluetooth Key tracker

The Tile-Bluetooth-key-tracker story is entertaining. My key tracker is a little sticker that can be placed on a keyholder or the back of a phone. The sticker, which is bright and silvery, usually makes my phone or keyholder quite pretty. Sometimes the tile takes the form of a comic strip...

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My Car Keys Discussion

My Car Keys: A Reflection of My Personality and Passion One of the well-known movie actor and musician by the identify Dudley Moore once quipped that the best security device in a vehicle is a rear-view reflect with a police officer in it. This statement defines me, and the car keys...

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