My Car Keys Discussion

One of the well-known movie actor and musician by the identify Dudley Moore once quipped that the best security device in a vehicle is a rear-view reflect with a police officer in it. This statement defines me, and the car keys in my pocket say it all. You see, I agree with you can judge someone based totally on the car keys they have, and mine says quite a lot about my personality, pursuits and also the past activities that shaped my inner self. Keeping in idea that a car key is the primary object that defines what you drive. A close look at my keys disclose things that connect me to what I like doing. A look at the logo on the key holder immediately informs you that someone like me is a speed freak.

I have been in love with cars ever since I was a kid. I can almost remember watching my parents drive through the freeway and enjoy the view as other seemingly fast drivers sped past us. My favorite TV shows included car racing, and I developed more interest in racing cars. Growing up in Kuwait, I learned how to drive at the age of 12. This country was favorable to me since life was relaxed and I could enjoy what I loved most. Eventually, I developed a liking for speed which led me to participate in several street races in Cannes, France, where I finally realized I had become a speed addict. This is why I did not choose to own a conventional vehicle but one that needs “a rear-view mirror with a cop in it.”

My first time owning a car was quite an exciting event. I was happy beyond measure, and the feeling of the keys in my pocket always made my heart skip a beat, a constant reminder of my companion lying in wait to be driven. I have to say that I rarely leave my keys behind as they have become part and parcel of my adorning. We have walked together rode over long distances at high speeds, and I have a particular attachment to it. I drive quite a fast vehicle, and the thrill I get speeding on the freeway cannot be expressed adequately. I have raced several times and the bit of wear and tear on the vehicle, and the relative oldness of the key tells it all. My key has witnessed my development from an amateur to now a polished driver who loves the adrenaline that courses through me as I drive fast. Additionally, one cannot miss the fact that I treasure my key which is an indicator of the bond I have with my car and generally my fascination with automobiles.

As such, you can bear witness that my car keys are part and parcel of my life. They not only define my personality as a speed addict but also as an individual who loves cars and speed. I have always been a risk taker and a keeper. Apparently, the somewhat old looks of my key show that I have a long relationship with my car and I treasure it as one of my valuable belongings. All in all, these keys have witnessed a great deal of my life including the adventures and epic journeys I have made. While one can learn a lot by looking closely at my car keys, they sure can learn far much more by using them to drive for a few miles.

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