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As you write your North Korea essay you will probably cover this countries regime, history, and political affairs. North Korea was founded in 1948 by Kim Il-sung after it was freed from Japanese occupation. North Korea essays note that after the Korean War of 1950-1953 which was ended amicably, North Korea became an independent socialist country. Nowadays it is run by Dictator Kim Jong-un, whose dictatorship is a subject of many essays. His father Kim Jong-il ruled before him and grandfather Kim Il-sung preceded him. Therefore, North Korea is ruled by the Kim dynasty. Some essays on North Korea concentrate on its history and geography. North Korean population counts 25,55 million people and has an area of 120 540 km². Check out our North Korea essay samples for more info. We compiled the most insightful essay samples below.

Disaster and Economic Development in North Korea

We noted that disaster had detrimental consequences to not only humankind but also animals and plants life. Disaster is a great threat to the development of an economy. It is catastrophic and leaves long term and short term effect once it strikes. In North Korea, a nuclear disaster that was...

Words: 824

Pages: 3

Analysis of Denuclearization of North Korea

At the Singapore summit in June of 2018, North Korea warmed up to the idea of complete denuclearization of course with the promise of security guarantees from the United States government which includes an end to hostilities between the two nations. Negotiators from United States, South Korea and North have...

Words: 929

Pages: 4

North Korea's Nuclear Ambitions and China's Response

In responding to the reading, it is puzzling to note what seems to be the conflict of interest that China has in its economic and political relationship with North Korea. The fact that China is more concerned with the stability of North Korea and unperturbed about the nuclear ambitions of...

Words: 135

Pages: 1

The Relationship Between North Korea and Iran

The relationship between North Korea and Iran was warm as from the early 2000s. During this period, the relation of each of this two nations started to improve with the United States. However, the speech by Bush in January 2002 that referred the countries as the “axis of evil” only...

Words: 2259

Pages: 9

The Importance of Denuclearization in North Korea

Nuclear Program in North Korea Nuclear program in North Korea do not comprise of the instability’s main sources in the east Asian place and the peninsula of Korea but it also outlines and explains the potential risks brought about by the proliferation of nuclear. The two thousand and three initiated Six-Party...

Words: 961

Pages: 4

The Modern Image of North Korea

In updating the image to reflect the modern social and political climate, I would include today’s global factors that come with the capitalism. I could include images of people leading different lives. The new images could show some people leading lavish lives in luxury whereas their counterparts in the other...

Words: 280

Pages: 2

Task Force Smith - the July 1950 war

Task Force Smith primarily discusses the conflict in July 1950 in which North Korea routed the US Army. At the time, the US was still basking in the glow of its resounding success in World War II, so the defeat came as a surprise. The force sent to battle the...

Words: 1590

Pages: 6


Both the US and North Korean administrations have failed totally in their endeavors to resolve the crisis between the two countries. This necessitated the use of track two diplomacy, which entails non-state and non-governmental organizations attempting to restore peace between the two parties. The origins of this battle can be...

Words: 2844

Pages: 11


I was always perplexed by the whole debate around North Korea's ballistic missile tests until I read Mandelbaum's article, "Is major war obsolete?" Mandelbaum's ideas have helped me gain meaningful insight into the concept of war, with particular focus on issues such as the cost of a major war, the...

Words: 292

Pages: 2


The biggest persistent problem with US foreign policy today is North Korea's unrelenting pursuit of its nuclear programs, which it does with complete disdain for global security. In essence, because historically America has never established diplomatic relations with North Korea, mediation talks do not currently have a platform, and armament...

Words: 2977

Pages: 11

Analyzing the Cold War Policy of Containment

Truman and MacArthur's Conflicting Views on the Korean War Without a question, the conflict left many people wondering whether it should be ended or continued. When it came to analysts, though, Truman and MacArthur had conviction in their opposing positions. In my opinion, fighting a containment war against Korea was better...

Words: 412

Pages: 2

Major Trends in American Foreign Policy

Following World War II, the United States devised a containment policy to restrain the Soviet Union's expansionist impulses. The policy, according to Shi and George (933), was to apply fiscal, political, and military pressure. The foregoing are among the main patterns. The first trend was the signing of an armistice....

Words: 314

Pages: 2

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