An International Research Paper

The People's Republic of China

The people's Republic of China has a number of shoe manufacturing enterprises whose products are sold all over the world. China is seen as a unitary and sovereign state in eastern Asia (Chen & Feng, 2000).

Form of Government

The country features an unusual form of government, with the president serving only as a ceremonial figurehead. The current president is a member of the National People's Congress party, and he is aided by the prime minister, who serves as the head of government. The prime minister presides over the executive branch of government, known as the state council. The state council consists of the prime minister, his four deputies, various heads of ministries and commissions.

Administrative Divisions

The country is further divided into provinces which total to twenty-two. It is also composed of another five regions that are autonomous and have a minority group that is designated for the specific autonomous regions (Chen & Feng, 2000). There are also four municipalities within China and special administrative regions that are two in number. The special administrative regions and the municipalities enjoy autonomy to a certain degree. Other than the two special administrative regions, the others form part of what is commonly referred to as the mainland China.

Political Stability

When it comes to political stability, China is considered a country that has embraced tolerance when it comes to politics (Liu, 2002). Even though the country does not have a formidable opposition party or figure, significant strides have been made when it comes to representation. In the earlier days, active political operations were confined to the major cities. In the recent days, that has drastically changed and active political operations are also felt at the village levels. Despite these improvements, the party in power still controls a majority of government employments. Even though such operations exist, the country has continued to experience relative political stability.

Trade Relations

On the issue of trade relations, China has played a leading role in advocating for a free trade and to greater extent security agreements with its Asian neighbors (Frenkel, 2001). The country is a member of the World Trade Organization and engages other countries when it comes to trade deals. It has experienced quite a number of surpluses on its produce which it exports to other countries at considerably lower prices. The cost of production in China is also lower for manufacturing companies operating there. This is an attribute that has attracted a number of foreign investors who take advantage of the low cost of production. This has opened up China to direct foreign investors with the United States leading the pack. Thus, China as a country is open to direct foreign investment from other countries.


In terms of demographics, the 2010 census in the republic of China approximated the population to be at 1.3 billion. Further, the census records showed that close to 16.60% of the population constituted of individuals below the age of fourteen years. Either, the census results showed that individuals between the age of fifteen and fifty-nine years constituted 70.14% and individuals above the age of sixty years constituted about 13.26%. Although the country has had a policy that advocates for two children per family, there has also been a traditional preference for the male child among the Chinese population. Such biases when it comes to tradition has ensured that the population ratio of men to women is somehow imbalanced. Even though the expected ratio should be 105 boys for every 100 girls, the latest census suggests that the population ratio of boys to girls is 118 boys for every 100 girls. This is way above the expected ratio making males count for 51.27% of the total population. Compared to previous census results, this is a great improvement geared towards balancing the two ratios.

Population Growth Rate

When it comes to population growth rate, China has managed to slow it down compared to the growth rate in the early 1970s. Currently, the country has over 1.3 billion individuals who rely on the available resources within the country. The population of China has stretched the resources so much that the government came up with a policy to keep in check the country's population growth. Every household was required by law to have a maximum of two children something that has enabled the country to keep in check its population growth. Either, the major urban centers within China are the towns of Shanghai and Beijing among others that accommodate the bulk of the urban population.


Employment is still a challenge in China bearing in mind its population and dwindling resources (Liu, 2002). This means that majority of job seekers are unable to find employment even though the country has aggressively exported its workforce to other countries it engages in trade with. Either, the majority of the population attain the required college education which gives them the technical competence necessary within a job market. There are a number of companies in China which deal in different products and either sell them locally or internationally depending on their production level and demand. One of such companies is Suzhou Second Arts & Craft Co, Ltd which specializes in foot ware manufacturing. The company produces flip flops, hotel slippers lace fabrics and dance shoes. Other products that the company produces are indoors slippers, handmade embroidery fabrics, scarves and fashion shawls. The company's products are consumed across the globe with most of them being used in Canada, USA, Europe and Japan.

Trade Environment

Since China has actively advocated for a free trade environment among its trade partners, Suzhou has been able to export its products to other countries due to these trade agreements. Either, China has not had major trade restrictions barring other businesses from importing products into the country (Chen & Feng, 2000). The company has heavily invested in a chain of warehouses and wholesalers within China and countries abroad to enable it effectively distribute its products to the retailers. These carefully selected distribution channels have enabled the company competes well with its competitors across the globe such as Nike and Adidas. Within China, the company competes with other companies such as Guangzhaou Evenly Trading Company Limited, Ningbo Hoson Import & Export Co,Limited among others. These companies have offered direct competition to Suzhou Second Arts & Craft Co,Ltd.

Transport Network

In terms of the transport network, China has experienced a revolution in its transport industry and currently boasts of one of the best road and rail network (Liu, 2002). The locomotives that were used initially which contributed a lot to environmental pollution have since been replaced with electric trains that are more efficient and effective with minimal impacts on the environment. This has greatly improved the operations of Suzhou shoe manufacturing company as it has made the delivery to markets easier and efficient without delays. China also has a good air and sea transport system that greatly supports business operations within its environment. Suzhou is able to deliver its products across the globe and get raw materials that it uses in production. Inflation has also not been a challenge within China since the currency is stable and strong when compared to other major currencies such as the dollar, pound and the euro. Such attributes of both its currency and economy have ensured that the Chinese economy is stable and supports business operations with minimal fears of inflations that disrupt normal business operations.


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Liu, Z. (2002). Foreign Direct Investment And Technology Spillover: Evidence From China. Journal Of Comparative Economics, 30(3), 579-602.

Frenkel, S. J. (2001). Globalization, Athletic Footwear Commodity Chains And Employment Relations In China. Organization Studies, 22(4), 531-562.

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