Language Awareness

The two readings, Language Awareness by Paul Eschholz and On Being 17, Bright and Unable to Read by Raymond David, both have a strong theme of courage. Learners benefit from language diversity because it allows them to build self-confidence and believe in themselves. Courage makes tough times easier because it helps students to conquer their doubts regardless of the situation they are in. People learn to respect others regardless of their flaws thanks to the two readings. Mr. Raymond’s courage ensured that he believed in himself until he knew how to read and write. People who are learning a language are encouraged to set their worries aside and concentrate on learning before they achieve success. Name




David Raymond from his book is courageous in all aspects because he believes in himself. Other people do not believe in him since he has dyslexia, which is a reading condition that affects some children making them unable to read. He had difficulties in school because he had to learn how to read while he was in his high school. He wanted people to take him and his condition as he had already accepted himself. He further advises that people should accept children who have dyslexia because they need support from family, friends, and teachers (Raymond, 112). Children suffering from the condition should not be abandoned or discriminated. Life living with his condition was awful since people failed to understand him and accept him. Raymond said that “You can’t know unless you’ve been there, it’s not easy to tell how it feels when you can’t read your homework assignment or the newspaper or a menu in a restaurant or even notes from your own friends” (Raymond, 212). Raymond struggled with his condition where he underwent lengthy processes from the elementary level to high school level so that he could learn how to read. Raymond’s courage and self-confidence ensured he sharpened his reading skills and finally overcame the dyslexia condition. People, especially teachers should learn from Raymond therefore, treat children with the condition well and ensure they can read eventually.

Despite all the odds and obstacles, Raymond was able to successfully read meaning that other people can learn from his story. Parents need to be easy for their kids since some are not able to read as a result of dyslexia. Some children are scared of reading, but some parents and teachers do not understand. Such parents think that their kids are lazy or ignorant which is not the case. Therefore, parents and teachers should understand their children and fail to scold them especially when they are not able to read (Rocco et al. 189). Such kids might be suffering from dyslexia meaning that they have to go a long way to know how to read. Raymond had to put his fears aside in case he wanted to succeed, which he did. He believed in himself despite the hardships he faced in the process of learning how to read right from the elementary school (Raymond 224). He had to do what needed to be done so that he would learn the language. This shows that if one should remain successful in life, one has to work for the success despite various challenges. Raymond’s story is an inspiration not only to people who have dyslexia but all people who are working hard to achieve success in different fields.

Paul, in his book Language awareness, notes that language is important because if people have to communicate, then they should understand each other through using a common language. People can learn different issues in life because of language (Eschholz et al. 124). For people to learn a certain language, they need to believe in themselves since learning is not an easy process. People need to get guidance from teachers and individuals around them so that they can observe and learn at the same time. People observe different scenarios in their lives and, to understand and discuss them, they need to have a common language. Language is important in the lives of human beings because it enhances communication. Without communication, people would not understand each other and the world would remain confused. Language awareness ensures that students understand the importance of language and its effectiveness in the lives of people. When people learn languages, they can write too since one would not understand what they are writing if they cannot read the content. Language is important since one cannot read without learning the language meaning that one has to get to read first even before knowing how to write (Eschholz et al.167). Language can be a barrier to people meaning that only people who understand a similar language can communicate effectively.

There exists power in the language since all people have to learn a certain type of language for communication to be made possible (Dietsch & Betty 223). People learning different languages should not give up and instead should work hard to ensure they learn the languages successfully. Learning language should not be a discriminative process since all people including those who have dyslexia need to learn how to read so that they can communicate with other people. Language has much influence in people’s lives meaning that people need to learn the language. Language is useful and needs to be learned to mean that parents should ensure that their kids go to schools to learn a language if they need to become a success. Teachers should be patient with kids since some will learn faster than others. Teachers should ensure that all kids learn a language because it is useful in the lives of all people.


Dyslexia is not a common problem but affects some kids making them have problems learning how to read. If someone does not know how to read then that person cannot learn a language, therefore, communication will be a challenge. I had a close friend who has the dyslexia condition which has affected her learning process. One cannot know the seriousness of the condition unless someone goes through it. Most of the people laugh at her when she is not able to read making it hard for her. She is determined on learning how to read since she is embarrassed that her small brother knows how to read while she does not know how to. She is making efforts on sharpening her reading skills and does not stop her determination despite the challenges she undergoes. Both the family and friends are supportive, and they ensure she gets moral support so that she can be successful in her reading skills.

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