Essays on Artists

Van Gogh Wheatfield with Crows

Vincent Van Gogh, one of the most celebrated post-impressionist artists, was born on March 30, 1853, in Groot-Zundert, the Netherlands (Huntsman 137). He was raised in a cultured and moral community as the son of a preacher. Van Gogh struggled with personality and direction in his early years. His self-esteem…

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Language Awareness

The two readings, Language Awareness by Paul Eschholz and On Being 17, Bright and Unable to Read by Raymond David, both have a strong theme of courage. Learners benefit from language diversity because it allows them to build self-confidence and believe in themselves. Courage makes tough times easier because it…

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Learn About Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol is a famous American visual artist, producer, and film director. He’s one of the most important figures in the Pop Art movement. Learn about his childhood, early paintings, and career. Read about his relationship with Brigid Berlin. If you love art, you’ll love Andy Warhol. Andy Warhol’s childhood…

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Maya Lin: Sculptor and Designer

Maya Ying Lin, an American sculptor and designer, won national recognition in 1981 when she won a competition for a planned library at Yale University. She honed her artistic talents and was instrumental in the design of the library, which was eventually completed. Her designs were both functional and beautiful,…

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Contemporary Art by Jeff Koons

Jeff Koons is a well-known contemporary artist. His work is recognized worldwide. He has received many awards and recognitions, including the Officier of the Legion of Honor from the French government and Honorary Membership of the Royal Academy of Arts in London. He has also received the U.S. State Department’s…

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A Compendium of Essays by John Berger

The late John Peter Berger was an English writer, art critic, novelist, and poet. His 1972 novel G won the Booker Prize and was accompanied by an essay on art criticism. Born in England, he lived in France for fifty years. His works are considered to be important contributions to…

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Impressionist Sculptors and Oil Paintings by Edgar Degas

One of the most popular Impressionist artists was Edgar Degas. This French painter was known for his pastel drawings and oil paintings. His works capture the feeling of a moment in time. Many of these paintings were inspired by the landscapes he saw and the people he met. His oil…

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A Picture by Jeff Koons

This artwork represents a picture by Jeff Koons displaying a naked woman in the tub. The nude lady is acting a crude sexual joke in the bathtub. Normally, an artist makes a drawing with a unique message, but viewers interpret it differently, and in fact, this is the beauty of…

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Artwork by Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol is a famous American artist, film director, and producer. He is one of the most influential figures of the pop art movement. His artwork is found on a variety of mediums, including bottles, coke cans, shoe drawings, and other items of popular culture. His works can be found…

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Impressionist Paintings by Edgar Degas

One of the most famous Impressionist artists was Edgar Degas. He was famous for his oil paintings and pastel drawings. His style is known for capturing the essence of nature and capturing the mood of a subject. Among his most popular works were portraits and landscapes. Many people today admire…

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American Sculptor Maya Lin

Maya Lin is an American sculptor and designer who has received national recognition for her works. She first became well-known when she won a national design competition for the planned library at Yale University. This win gave her national exposure and helped her establish her reputation as a major figure…

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Art by Jeff Koons

Jeffrey Lynn Koons is an American artist whose work often deals with pop culture. His work often includes sculptures of everyday objects, such as balloon animals in stainless steel, and mirrored surfaces. He lives and works in New York, Pennsylvania. His work is exhibited internationally. Seated Ballerina Jeff Koons is…

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