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The Role of Ansel Adams Photography in the Environmental Movement

1.0 Introduction From a constructivist perspective, communication is the most critical social process through which humans rationalize their experience and construct social reality (Amineh and Asl 2016). According to some scholars, visual language has historically been the structural underpinning for cultural construction in many societies (Benoit 2016). Within this conceptual framework,...

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Ansel Adams's Contributions to the Field of Photography

Born in 1902 and died in April 1984, Ansel Easton Adams is an American environmentalist and photographer and initiator of Group f/64 which comprised of other photographers. Adams, in turn, remains one of the renowned Americans due to his work in national park service which influenced his artistry and vice...

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Ansel Adams - A Brief Introduction

Many people have wondered where to begin looking for ansel Adams photographs. Here is a brief description of the photographer s work. The images he made are divided into four categories: Early photographs, Landscapes, Self-portraits, and Self-portraits. Listed below are some of the most popular photographs by the American...

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