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Contemporary Art by Jeff Koons

Jeff Koons: A Contemporary Artist and His Work Jeff Koons is a well-known contemporary artist. His work is recognized worldwide. He has received many awards and recognitions, including the Officier of the Legion of Honor from the French government and Honorary Membership of the Royal Academy of Arts in London. He...

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A Picture by Jeff Koons

This artwork represents a picture by Jeff Koons displaying a naked woman in the tub. The nude lady is acting a crude sexual joke in the bathtub. Normally, an artist makes a drawing with a unique message, but viewers interpret it differently, and in fact, this is the beauty of arts...

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Art by Jeff Koons

Jeffrey Lynn Koons Jeffrey Lynn Koons is an American artist whose work often deals with pop culture. His work often includes sculptures of everyday objects, such as balloon animals in stainless steel, and mirrored surfaces. He lives and works in New York, Pennsylvania. His work is exhibited internationally. Seated Ballerina Jeff Koons is...

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