A Picture by Jeff Koons

This artwork represents a picture by Jeff Koons displaying a naked woman in the tub.

The nude lady is acting a crude sexual joke in the bathtub. Normally, an artist makes a drawing with a unique message, but viewers interpret it differently, and in fact, this is the beauty of arts (Koon, Randy Koon, and Indra Haraksingh).

According to Koon’s explanation

“there is a female in the bathtub and it seems somebody or some thing is disturbing her from below, as symbolized by her act of protecting her breasts with hands. But, on the other hand, a viewer wants to victimize relying on his/ her point of view.

It also sarcastic that the woman is holding her breasts (cover nakedness) yet the other end she is unclothed.

The cartoonlike shaping of the woman’s belly and open mouth symbolizes exclamation as a result of an intruding factor.

This art represents part of Koon’s banality work, which is characterized by oddly eroticized and comic act. The art is, therefore, imagery.

This, therefore, shows that Jeff Koon uses imagery in his arts to communicate a message.

The picture symbolizes the rotten moral behavior in the society.

Exposure of nude pictures to teens encourages sexual immorality.

Jeff Koon in one of his quotes said that art possess the capacity to allow one to connect back to history in the same way that biology does. This explains the full meaning and purpose of art. Therefore, pop art strategies of appropriation and combining imagery from different sources make art.

Work cited

Koon, Randy Koon, and Indra Haraksingh. "Subsurface Temperature Analysis Along The Williston Basin, Canada For Geothermal Energy Prospecting." International Journal Of Advanced Science And Research, vol 2, no. 5, 2017, pp. 27-32. Akinik Publications, doi:10.22271/allscience.2017.v2.i5.06.

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