Saving dying languages

Saving dying languages is important due to countless reasons. One of the causes, why it is necessary to hold languages that are almost vanishing such as Kakuma in Peru, is to supply future generations the chance to hint their cultural origins and understand their past (Silver). It is also quintessential to preserve languages that are at the hazard of extinction to allow linguists and anthropologists to elevate out investigations on ancient languages and cultures with ease. Communities must build establishments that seek to keep languages that are at the risk of disappearing such as the one in Kakuma neighborhood which aims at preserving the local language.Question 2Investigators when carrying out their lookup using the ethnographic research system have to employ some techniques to attain the desirable outcome from the method of investigation. The researcher who conducts a study among prostitutes in New York and Atlanta first locates a suitable site to carry out her survey then develops a friendly relationship with the commercial sex workers. The investigator faces humiliation and insults from customers, pimps, and other sex workers (Sterk 23) but she does not give up. The researcher's account teaches that even though one may encounter hardships fitting into the community they aspire to study when using ethnographic, it is important to be patient. The experimenter also uses open-ended interviews to learn more about the prostitutes' lifestyles. Claire Sterk conducts face-to-face interviews with several sex workers, their managers, and a few customers which gives her the opportunity to acquire as much data as she needs. Personal interviews provide individuals who use the ethnographic method the chance to understand the interviewees' ideologies and behaviors thus making it convenient to come up with a report about the study group.

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