Essays on Victim

The justice system

To ensure justice and eliminate doubts To ensure that justice is done to the suspect and the victim, the justice system in criminal cases is required to carry out its duties diligently. The prosecution is required to conduct the inquiry properly in order to dispel any uncertainty regarding the accused's guilt or...

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Domestic violence causes

Domestic violence is largely caused by various types of pain or agony, including those that are psychological, physical, mental, and sexual. Domestic violence also includes family violence or spousal abuse, which refers to an overt pattern of violent acts committed by one partner against the other in close affiliations such...

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failure by victims of domestic violence to report

Fear of Retaliation, Dependency, and Social Norms Fear of retaliation, dependency on the perpetrator, and social norms are some of the major barriers preventing victims of domestic violence from reporting such incidents. (Payne & Wermeling, 2009, p. 3). The community must be made aware of the significance of reporting such instances...

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Assault and Stalking

Stalking: Types and Methods Stalking is the practice of repeatedly engaging in actions aimed at a specific person or people with the intention of closely and covertly observing their movements. (Baum, 2011). It can make a reasonable person worry for his safety or even experience emotional distress, as Baum (2011) goes...

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The Goblin Market

Introduction Simply put, Christina Rossetti's "Goblin Market" is the tale of two sisters, Laura and Lizzie, who succumb to the temptation of tiny goblin traders who prowl the glens and forests at night, luring innocent maidens with delicious, rich, and glowing fruits that are enticing to the palate. Once a victim...

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Restorative Justice

After a hit-and-run fatality, Douglas Quan penned an article about restorative justice. A Honda that made an illegal turn struck Martha Ralph and her boyfriend. Martha passed away instantly, but her boyfriend passed away in the infirmary. The Honda's driver sped away from the accident. The accused had a past...

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criminal victimization

The most insightful information can typically be obtained by placing the data gathered into a larger context and analyzing criminal victimization patterns over time. Criminalists rely on two national data sources to estimate these trends, especially the national crime victimization survey and the federal bureau of investigations' uniform crime reporting...

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A stereotype

A stereotype is a widely held but unchanging belief about a specific kind of person or object. Stereotyping typically has an adverse effect on the sufferers sense of self. One of the ways a Latina can break the stereotype is by becoming more conscious of her inner emotions and...

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Child Abuse

The topic of child abuse has continued to be divisive in modern culture. Abuse is linked to an increase in cases of children dying in questionable conditions and displaying severe internal and external injuries. A similarly unsettling pattern is the observation of some children's abnormal psychic development. Significant scholarly investigation,...

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Investigation officers

To enable hearings to continue, investigation officers are tasked with gathering all pertinent facts in an alleged breach of conduct. Determining "how good the evidence is," especially after speaking with witnesses or victims, is one of the challenges that federal investigative officers must overcome. The majority of the time, communicators give...

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Law Enforcement and Domestic Violence

Does the police meeting the "real" preferences and needs of victims make a significant difference in their readiness to report crimes and assist in subsequent activities? In other words, will victims be less likely to contact for assistance and will police grow more and more frustrated with "uncooperativeness" or unappreciative...

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About domestic violence crimes

Fear of retaliation, social norms, and financial or psychological reliance on the perpetrator are some of the explanations given for why domestic violence cases are not reported. (Payne Wermeling 2009). In order to raise the number of reported cases, community sensitization is crucial. To assist in community mobilization,...

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