Candidate Paul Wellstone

Paul Wellstone won the 1996 Minnesota Senate race with 50.32 percent of the vote. That resulted in his re-election for a second term (Lofy). Following his re-election, he made a commitment to the health system by extending healthcare services for mentally ill patients. He also wrote a new farm bill…

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black community and police

Judicial misconduct is the use of unnecessary force by law enforcement officials when carrying out their duties. The legacy of police violence against African Americans goes back to the time of segregation when law enforcement suppressed all provocation from black citizens trying to flee their masters. Particularly in a democratic…

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‘Visual pleasure and Narrative cinema’

Laura Mulvey’s essay, ‘Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema,’ reflects on how the psychoanalytic context is essential to the pleasure given by traditional narrative films. In particular, the author exhibits the scopophilic impulse (the element of seeking gratification by perceiving another human as a sexual object) in a number of typical…

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negative experience of african american

Slavery may be described as a type of slavery in which victims are not paid equally for their services. Slaves are usually considered the private property of their rulers, but they (servants) are not supposed to participate in any action aimed at empowering themselves. Slavery was legitimate and generally recognized…

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The Open Boat

Crane’s tale “”The Open Boat”” is a masterpiece that depicts the trials and tribulations of life in the form of a sea voyage. The Correspondent, his main character, is at the forefront of every incident in the scene. One could picture the figure representing Crane’s voice in the novel. The…

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Racism and Stereotyping in Crash

The Crash is a compelling film that depicts racial tensions and stereotypes in Los Angeles. Paul Haggis directed the film, which is based on a true story about him being carjacked outside a video store in 1991. The Crash weaves together several stories that depict collisions of various personalities and…

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“The Merchant’s Tale”

“The Merchant’s Tale” is based on the “fabliau” narrative genre common in medieval French literature. The stories are typically brief and funny, and they involve someone stealing another person’s wife. The main plot of “The Merchant’s Story” is typical of the genre, with the lustful old man being cuckolded by…

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How can you avoid scammers?

How do you stop becoming a victim of a con artist? Individuals or groups of individuals who devise a manual or digital scheme to extort money from college students are known as scammers. They are placed under a lot of mental stress in order to meet their academic goals, and…

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David Hume Essay

David Hume has a strong reputation in philosophical circles for having one of the unique intellectual ideas in history. The concepts are relevant in today’s world, where people are grappling with various social, political, and economic issues (Landy, 2012). His ideas on self or personal identity, in particular, may be…

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Black men and Public Space

In his book; Black men and Public Space, Staples explains how the idea that people have about you because of your race or your heritage can itself be a danger to you and the community at large. He narrates his life away from his fatherland as a freshman at the…

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Annotated Bibliography

The National Institute of Mental Health published an article on their website (NIH). The US Department of Health and Human Services/ is also on board. It eloquently illustrates a variety of factors in PTSD victims, with the aim of elucidating the subject’s many complexities. It proposes signs and symptoms that…

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The scenario essay

Consider a situation in which you leave your loved ones at home in the hopes of returning to them, unaware that it could be the last time they see you alive. The ordeal is an all-too-common phenomenon in America, in which black men leave their homes but never return. What…

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