Essays on Criminology

Critical Evaluation of the Social Reaction/Labelling Theory and Its Reflection on Various Criminology-related Issues

The social reaction or labelling theory focuses on the negative linguistic characterisation or tendency embraced by a majority group to a minority group based on the deviance from social norms. According to the theory, self-identity, as well as the behaviours of individuals, may be influenced or determined by the perspective...

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Integrative Theories in Criminology

Osgood’s perception of integrative theories is vital in the modern society where crime has taken a paradigm shift from the traditional ways. Contemporary ways of dealing with a crime need to borrow from all other disciplines that would help open perspectives of dealing with crime. Criminology as discipline, according to...

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Criminology Theories

Thou shall not kill . This is one of the commandments given to Moses that gives an account on murder. This law is used as a guide on how people should live with one another cohesively. Centuries have since passed since its inception and people through legitimate governments have...

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Critiquing The Short Criminals Article: Stature And Crime In Early America

Today’s learning methodologies in contrast to the earlier learning methods prove to be more of student-centered. Critiquing articles is one such methodology that enables the students to participate and indirectly engagement with authors from different disciplines of education. An audience is given the opportunity to share the authors’ thoughts, learn,...

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A Critique of the Classical School of Criminology

During the 18th century, many philosophers paced arguments more rationally by employing humanistic approaches to criminal punishments. The main aim of employing humanistic approaches was to do away with public execution and cruelty which was used to scare and deter criminal acts. The philosophical arguments led to the birth of...

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Science and Art

The study of the natural and physical world's structures and behaviors through systematic observation and experimentation is known as science. Examples of this type of subject include physics, criminology, and biology. On the other hand, art is the visual manifestation of someone's ingenuity and imagination; examples of art include painting,...

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criminology - Forensic Science

Forensic science in criminology refers to the use of technology to gather and analyze data that will be used as proof in court. When Mathieu Orfila released a paper in 1847 outlining how to identify poisons in crime scenes, the field of forensic science entered the 19th century. (James, Nordby...

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Criminology Essay

The study of crime, including its origins, expenses, and effects, is known as criminology. (Bohm and Haley 2). The method by which crimes and criminals are found, apprehended, tried, and punished is known as criminal justice. The various elements and internal workings of the system are covered by criminal justice....

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Menendez Brothers Case

Criminology is the scientific study of how to control, identify, mitigate, and avoid criminal behavior on both a social and an individual level. Criminology is a subfield of social and behavioral studies that includes social anthropologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, sociologists, philosophers, and law scholars among its researchers. The Menendez brothers were...

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criminal victimization

The most insightful information can typically be obtained by placing the data gathered into a larger context and analyzing criminal victimization patterns over time. Criminalists rely on two national data sources to estimate these trends, especially the national crime victimization survey and the federal bureau of investigations' uniform crime reporting...

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Crime in the US

Evidently, there is still a big problem with violence in the US. In reality, hardly a day goes by without news of a murder or other violent crime. Regrettably, criminal laws have evolved to help stop such excessive behavior. We have observed the publication of articles in recent days that...

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Critical criminologists have rejected Marxism's approach to explaining the present problems facing the criminal justice system for the past few years. White collar criminals do not, however, receive the appropriate punishment for their offenses. The most detrimental to the economy crimes can be committed by the ruling elite. These criminals...

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