Ted Bundy Was a Lawyer During His Trials

You've probably heard of the infamous serial killer, Ted Bundy.

But did you know that he was a lawyer during his trials? The man was incredibly eloquent and brilliant, which is one reason why he remains so infamous even today. We'll take a look at some of the most shocking facts about the serial killer in this article. Also, learn why the sex-monger is considered one of the most frightening criminals of all time.

Ted Bundy was a serial killer

Several victims were transported from their locations after being abducted by Ted Bundy. One of his victims, Kathy Parks, was driven 260 miles from Oregon to Washington state. Bundy frequently drank alcohol before he abducted his victims. Carol DaRonch, the victim's neighbor, testified to smelling alcohol on Bundy's breath. Though he had a long list of victims, Bundy still considered himself a "amateur killer" in his early days and thought he had gone through the "predator" phase of his career.

He murdered at least 28 women

After completing his undergraduate degree in psychology, Ted Bundy began his career as a serial killer. Within a few weeks, he was busted and charged with the murder of seven women near the Florida State University. Although he had previously charmed victims into getting in his car, this time, he went straight for their throats and vaginas. He also faked an arm cast to make himself appear less threatening. During the following four years, Ted Bundy murdered at least 28 women.

He was a lawyer during his trials

In both of his trials, Bundy served as his own attorney. The defense team was stymied by his insistence on questioning witnesses and disrupting the trial. During one of his cross-examinations, Bundy called himself a witness and referred to himself in the third person. He thought that his lack of experience as a lawyer would help him in court. During the trial, Bundy pulled pranks such as asking for more exercise time, a typewriter, and a change of menu.

He was eloquent

The notorious serial killer Ted Bundy has achieved mythic status because of his eloquent writing and his unique ability to sway the public. He was a complex, eloquent, and sophisticated killer, and his murders are a grim reminder of the adversity of being a black male in America. Although his murders may not be the most shocking, he was nevertheless an incredibly interesting character.

He was smart

While most people think that the notorious serial killer Ted Bundy was a psychopath, his real personality was very different from most of his victims. He was a shy kid who had few friends, and he liked to look in people's houses. He was not charismatic or attractive, but he was very smart and good at killing women. Ted referred to Gary Ridgeway as "Riverman" and suggested that he may have been performing sexual acts on cadavers.

He was attractive

Although it's difficult to imagine a man who could be as attractive as Ted Bundy, there are a number of female fans of the notorious serial killer. Ted Bundy was a celebrity in his early years, and his looks attracted a lot of female admirers. Many women were drawn to him, including Margaret Good, one of his early defence attorneys. She would pass notes to Bundy to express their admiration for him, and he would eventually marry Carole Ann Boone, whom he had become friends with before his arrest.

He used a sling to get women to help him

Multiple witnesses claimed to have seen a young man wearing a sling and crutches around Olympia, Washington, in the first half of 1974. Bundy had been working for the Washington State Department of Emergency Services at the time, and was involved in the search for missing co-eds. However, police weren't entirely convinced. Several women had reported seeing him with a sling and crutches, but it wasn't until later that the woman who had witnessed the incident was the only witness to see him.

He was convicted of stealing a car

A '68 Volkswagen Super Beetle owned by serial killer Ted Bundy is a prized piece of crime-memorabilia. Purchased in 2001 by Arthur Nash, a renowned crime-memorabilia collector, the car was leased to the National Museum of Crime and Punishment in Washington, D.C., where it was prominently displayed for four years. It was used in the murder of at least 30 women, but some believe the serial killer committed as many as 100.

He had a measured IQ of 124

The notorious serial killer Ted Bundy was not a brilliant genius. Most portrayals of him as such are sensational and inaccurate. In reality, his IQ was measured at 124. Based on the standard Wechsler-Bellevue test and Ann Rule, he was slightly above average. That is not to say that Bundy was an idiot, though. Rather, his crimes reflect an average IQ.

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