Criminology and Postmodern Criminology

Criminology is the study of crime and criminal behavior, and it evaluates how the environment and inherited traits affect criminal behavior. As a result, it considers both the psychological component and the means by which illegal activity is carried out. Assessments of the influence of the environment, culture, and society at large on illicit activity are greatly aided by postmodern criminology. Postmodern criminology thus connects criminal activity to a potential root cause.

Australia's Monument Debate

Australia is dealing with a problem where a segment of the populace wants the statues of famous people who fought against slavery torn down and the celebration of Australia Day changed (Nyaagu, 2017). According to postmodern criminology, the protestors who comprise of a group of the black people engaged in protest activities as they are oppressed contrary to the reflection of the statutes. Postmodern criminology underlines the frustrations that uprising and destruction of the monuments embed to the oppression facing the indigenous population about being treated as slaves, yet the monuments highlight a move from slavery bondage (SOTT, 2017). Moreover, the pillars underline the existence of peace, yet the black population in Australia believe they are not at peace since they are treated as slaves and are subjected to diverse suffering and negligence.

Australia Day and Indigenous Perceptions

The Australia day is meant for celebrating the country's heritage and the feeling of being an Australian citizen. Contrary to expectations, the original section of the population perceives the day as an alignment day, as natives cherish the day believing they are the genuine people who merit celebrating the day's celebrations (Nyaagu, 2017). The increased racism has played a significant role in the resurgence of the uprising leading to the demolition of statutes. Although the ordinances symbolize the effort asserted by the heroes of the past with regards to fighting racisms and championing for peace, the black population believes there is no peace as they are neglected and marginalized as far as color and race are concerned. Hence, the indigenous people think the monuments do not reflect the accurate picture of the state of affairs.


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