Essays on Art Movements

Postmodernism and Modernism

Modernism refers to a college of thought that was developed late in the 19th century and prolonged up to the beginning of the 20th century. Postmodernism is a concept that used to be advanced after the Second World War. Many think that postmodernism concepts took over modernism concepts. My argument…

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Art history

Throughout its two-century history, art history has been an intricate but often shaky enterprise. Art history has always been obsessed with establishing and preserving modernity. Documenta II, on the other hand, altered critical and curatorial trends of contemporary art by exploring avant-garde art in the field. Documenta II undoubtedly increased…

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Romanticism and Realism in Literature

There have been various fields that characterize the various styles of art throughout history. The arts produced during these periods have distinct characteristics that set them apart from those created in previous eras or later. It means that even the artists who existed in these periods only possessed certain characteristics…

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Literary Skill of Symbolism

The piece of literature is the work of Flannery O’ Connor posted in 1965 in the month of January. The setting of the story is during the racial segregation era when the African Americans and the American Americans did no longer live in harmony. Most of the white people considered…

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Art History: the neoclassic and romantic eras

Line is an instrumental element of art. During the 18th and the 19th century, different era of art came forward and was differentiated on the methods to use. In the above stated century, Neoclassical and Romanticism controlled the field of art. As such the need to compare and contrast their…

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Anthropology: the yoruba culture in museums

Museums across the United States of America appreciate works of art. Each of these museums have a unique set of works they display and in their own unique way. They do not only appreciate American art but also those of different origin from around the world, and they provide their…

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Modernism Review

Dr. Giuntini describes cutting-edge in romanticism, a philosophical, literary and artistic movement that emphasizes creativeness and emotions (Giuntini and Jean-Marie 9). According to her, modernism falls between the time frame from 1850 to 1960 which commenced motion of the realist and ended with the abstract. She argues that some of…

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lie, truth, communication_“The Ways We Lie”

Lying can by an action or a statement which is purposely advanced to hide the truth or the real nature of a situation. Besides, it can be anything that is meant or gives a false impression. These two definitions say that there are different types of lies. In this case,…

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Post-Impressionism Discussion

Post-Impressionism is a 19th century art movement that was formed between the year 1886 and 1905. It comprises of painters who worked independently led by Paul Cezanne, Vincent van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, and Georges Seurat. There was a movement that was reacting to impressionists’ concerns about the representation of light…

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Symbolism in Schindler’s List

Schindler’s List is a 1993 American film adaptation of Thomas Keneally’s novel Schindler’s Ark. The film follows the life of Oskar Schindler, a German businessman who recruited thousands of Jewish refugees from Nazi death camps during World War II in his factories. The film’s use of metaphors has predominated in…

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Great classical music composers

Claude Debussy, a prominent French composer who was one of the most protuberant figure that was involved in the late 19th and 20th century impressionist music and Gustav Mahler who was an Austrian romantic composer and served as a link amid the modernism of the earlier 19th and 20th century…

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Byron Kim Bibliography Kim Byron is a contemporary artist that was born in La Jolla California in 1961. His early years in art were in the 1990s where he produced artwork with single colours on canvases. His works made a major contribution to the Whitney Biennial. Part of his signature…

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