Essays on Art Movements

Post-modernism and Christianity

Postmodernism is a concept that gained popularity after World War two and deviated from the modernism thinking approach. It emphasizes the need for self-consciousness and insists that truth is subjective. Furthermore, it points out that language is a tool used by the powerful to force the weak to accept their...

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The Influence of Modernity in Art

Art and Modernity in the Arts Art has always been present in the world's history with painters adopting different techniques to illustrate their visualization of various aspects of nature. Modernity has introduced a new element in the art industry with many acknowledging its presence through its application in architect, sculpture, and...

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The Impact of Non-European Art on European Modern Art

There is technically no precise definition of the term modern art thus its remains elastic accommodating different meanings. The rationale behind this assertion is that art and the world as a whole is in constant evolution which means what is considered or perceived as modern art today might not be...

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The Stone Breakers and The Gleaner

The Stone breakers by Gustave Courbet and The Gleaners by Jean Francois Millet The images The Stone breakers by Gustave Courbet, and 1849 and The Gleaners, 1857 by Jean Francois Millet, are important artworks in Realism. The two images are about the daily life, a subject that everyone tends to forget....

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Art for Social Criticism

Art is one of the earliest forms of human expression Artists employ color, patterns, as well as the reproduction of visual likeness in communicating emotion and interpreting the world around them. (Kay) Since the earliest days of civilization, artists have employed different methods of producing art. Thus, art is a broad...

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The Art of Mathew Richie

Mathew Richie is arguably one of the best contemporary artists. He doubles as an architectural engineer as well as an artist. His artistic mission has been mainly to occupy the universe with his marvellous structures through impeccable visualization of sculptures. The artist’s prospects emerged from his beliefs in Judeo- Christian...

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The Artwork of Lofa: Hunter's Tunic

The Hunter's Tunic as an Artwork The Hunter's Tunic is an artwork, which involves the face of a human being composed in the 20th century from Lofa. The mask is made up of leather, cotton, metal alloy, cotton string, animal teeth, hide, encrustation, and horns. The picture contains some enclosed human...

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The Use of Symbols in Hawthorne's "Young Goodman Brown"

Allegory and symbolism are some of the most prevalent literary elements in Hawthorne’s “Young Goodman Brown”. Like many writers who advocate for philosophical, moral as well as religious issues, Hawthorne uses allegory and symbolism prevalently due to a number of reasons. Concerning this, one of the reasons both symbolism and...

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Understanding Exposition: Setting the Stage in Literature

It is a large –scale public exhibition or show that is basically done to send meaning or purpose of an art or manufactured products. Exposition has been used as an instrument in music, plays, films, poetry, television programs and literature presentations. When an exposition is done, the audience is able...

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Promotion of Contemporary Art in the City of Nantes

The product described here is the free contemporary art advanced by La Machine-  a street theatre firm which has given the city of Nantes’s shipbuilding warehouses and old docks a new look. The arrival of Jean Blaise in the mid-1980s marked the beginning of art and culture promotion.  Blaise, the...

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Modernism and Virginia Wolf

The Modernism Movement The modernism movement is a twentieth-century drive that takes the current literature forms, especially the thought of the shifting conditions of the society in concern. There has been however various critics and arguments about the specific time of the beginning of modernism. Some of the critics are between...

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Modernism and Postmodernism in Literature

The Wastelands by T.S. Eliot and Seafarer by Ezra Pound are two texts that articulate the themes and characteristics of modernism and postmodernism. The text wastelands by Eliot is more of a modernism oriented text that displays such a science-leaning society while Pounds Seafarer reveals the themes and characteristics of...

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