Essays on Art Movements

Contemporary Art History: Minimalism

Minimalism, which emerged in the 1960s, allowed artists who appeared self-conscious to reject art that they perceived to be decaying and academic. The minimalist movement is most closely identified with three people: Robert Morris, Foster, and Briony Fer. Most reviewers and artists consider Morris to be one of the best...

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The Romantic Poetry and Children

Several authors and writers have illustrated Romanticism and Realism depending on the message delivered to the viewers. We shall study the works of William Blake, a romanticist, and William Wordsworth in this article. The two authors describe the meaning of life's romantic and realistic aspects. Apart from people understanding love...

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The act of leadership

The act of leadership is defined as an individual's ability to inspire people or an organization to follow them through trust, action, vision, focus, and perceptions. Leadership entails establishing a well-defined goal, inspiring followers without compulsion or fear by sharing the vision with others, and devising procedures for a path...

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Ogawa‘s Dormitory As A Magical Realism

The combination of realistic and mystical aspects is known as magical realism. A woman working patchwork in Tokyo waits for her husband in Sweden to settle so she may join him there in Ogawa's dormitory. She is lonely and has no desire to travel to Sweden because it is exotic...

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The Harlem Renaissance

The Harlem Renaissance was a period when African-American writers and artists were able to express themselves via writing, painting, and music (Singh, 2010). Claude McKay was one of the Harlem Renaissance's first American-African poets. McKay was born and raised in Jamaica before moving to the United States. McKay played a...

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Modernism in "the love song of J.Alfred Prufrock"

The literature of the Modernism era was built on innovation and focused readers discovering meaning in twisted writings. Postmodernism made use of technology and order to facilitate comprehension. In a poem on Prufrock, Eliot deftly integrates both ideas. To begin with, whatever Prufrock is fighting for, which is most likely only...

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Comparison and Contrast between Gabriel Marquez and Akinari’s Stories

This essay examines Ueda Akinari's bewitched and Garcia's "A Very Elderly Man with Huge Wings." Bewitched is inspired by Japanese culture, but Garcia's plot is inspired by a Spanish-speaking society. The study compares and contrasts a number of aspects in the two stories, including symbolism, irony, satire, and magical realism,...

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the book “Beyond Sovereignty”

The fundamental premise of Casimano Love's book "Beyond Sovereignty" is a critique of state-centrism. The critique of the concept of state-centrism is useful for reconstructing relations that have spread to a wider scope, even to international levels. It is the origin of global transformation thinking. The critique of state-centrism is...

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The postmodern society

People in postmodern culture are defined by the situations in their lives, and those situations are determined by their myopic perception of their situation. People are always thinking inside the boundaries of their beliefs and rarely travel beyond their borders to establish the underlying truth that may be just beyond...

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Political realism

Political realism is a philosophical theory that explains how politics works and how the political system is put together. One of the most well-known proponents of political realism is Hans Morgenthau, who demonstrated the complexity of his intelligence by defining the six pillars of political realism in his book Politics...

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Neoclassical realism theory

The notion of neoclassical realism is founded on realist foundations in international relations theory. Realist theories have attempted to achieve an understanding of global reality by focusing on state conflict and power relations. Gideon Rose proposed the theory in 1998. (Rose 145). There are, however, other explanations for war and...

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Criminology is the study of crime and criminal behavior, and it evaluates how the environment and inherited traits affect criminal behavior. As a result, it considers both the psychological component and the means by which illegal activity is carried out. Assessments of the influence of the environment, culture, and society...

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