Essays on Earth Science

How we changed as the World changed

The planet has been changing in a variety of ways over time. Before the human race appeared 65 million years ago, the world was inhabited by many animals, including the Mammoths. These species were among the world's largest Elephantidae and populated the prairie and tundra zones. This is an illustration...

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Nike Inc.'s Sustainability Used the Triple Bottom Line

The Concept of Sustainability The term "sustainability" extends to a variety of policies and principles. However, it is often assumed to concern forests, greenhouse gases, and carbon footprints; as a result, this is an environmental component of sustainability. Firms are continually considering the concept of sustainability in relation to society and...

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Shift in the Atmosphere

James Hansen James Hansen is America s most celebrated earth scientist for the contribution he has made to climate change and its effects. Since many of his lectures were aimed at raising awareness of the consequences of climate change, he is considered the founder of climate change awareness. He proposes that,...

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Charter of Albert Einstein Elementary Bilingual Curriculum Problem

In California, USA, the Albert Einstein Academy Charter elementary school The provision of language immersion services where courses are offered in both English and German is one of its most influential characteristics. The addition of Spanish was later seen in this two-way bilingual curriculum. Despite the fact that the bilingual curriculum...

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