Essays on Science and Culture

Science of Social Organization

To receive the most support from society's citizens, science needs to be structured socially. Robert Merton at least claims that this is the sentiment (Merton 267). But the real question is: Are the author's opinions accurate? Before determining if the author's claims are true, it is crucial to understand the...

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The Rational on life sciences

The modern world revolves around the daily scientific experiment. The experiment is primarily intended to improve the lives of humans. The scientific method in chemical and physical observations has been crucial in this rational of life fair sciences. Learners normally understand a theoretical idea only after they have accomplished the...

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Introduction It has long been questioned whether social and political sciences are genuinely scientific in character (Kellstedt and Whitten, 2009, 3). Some scholars disagree that these disciplines are genuine sciences. The current questions are thus: because social and political sciences deal with people who are so interchangeable, can scientific inquiries, and...

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Pure science vs. applied science, a letter to the editor

Plea to Pure Science Speech - A Response I'm writing in response to Henry Rowland's 1883 Science Magazine article "Plea to Pure Science Speech." On the subject of pure and applied sciences, I disagree with Henry Rowland. Disagreement with the Role of Pure Science He argues that in order for a science to...

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