Essays on Drug Trafficking

Response to Mexico’s Other Border

According to the article Mexico's Other Border: Security, Migration, and the Humanitarian Crisis at the Line with Central America, the border between Guatemala and Mexico offers a porous spot that is taken advantage of by drug traffickers and people crossing the border illegally from Guatemala into Mexico. In essence, the...

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Terrorism research essay

One of the issues with the illegal border activities that endangers American interests is terrorism. Refusing assistance to countries that support terrorism, such as Saudi Arabia and others, is one way to combat terrorism. By implementing the appropriate security measures, the risk mitigation solution to the terrorist attacks can be...

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Department of homeland security (DHS)

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) works to defend the country from unlawful border crossings as a result of the 9/11 reforms. Border security is critical to the safety of US people. Illegal actions along the border pose a significant threat to the country's security, and devising solutions to this...

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A Reflective Piece on the Impact of Drugs in Society, Ireland & Globally, and Resources Required To Tackle Drug Problems

Drug trafficking and usage have an effect on practically every aspect of people's life in Ireland. The harm caused by this threat is frequently seen in the overburdened court system, health care system, underemployed and lost work force, disintegration of families, and ecosystem degradation. Due of the widespread effects, this...

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How to Stop Terrorist Financing of Drug Trafficking

We need to address the multifaceted aspects of the drug trafficking issue to create a safer society. Among these is the role of narco-media and Hollywood in the seductive appeal of the illicit drug trade. While it's possible to criminalize the trade, our laws and policies must address the complex...

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