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The Social Stratification in Hellenic Athens and Ming Peking

In this article focuses on the socials stratification and political system between the two cities. Social stratification describes the social position of an individual in a given society. Individuals are categorized depending on the size of their income or wealth, how much power and influence an individual posse and their...

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Athenian democracy

The Assembly and the Law Courts systems are crucial in ensuring that the values of this democracy are maintained and respected. The Athenian democracy has grown considerably over the past few years. Citizens must actively participate in legislative and judicial processes in order to accomplish this. Such forums are emblematic...

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As a juror, I would find Socrates guilty based on the reasons offered and the legal criteria taken into account. According to Meletus' case, Socrates commits a crime by exploring things beneath the earth and the heaven, corrupting them while believing he is making right out of them and imparting...

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Overview of Mount Olympus Limited Mount Olympus Limited is a corporation that has been operating for the last 17 years. His registered office is in Gray, Athens. The company wants to grow and is finding financing for its business. This is an overview of the company s planned business financing. Partnership Formation Faisal...

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Trip to Athens-Delphi-Nafplion

This article of reflection is on my latest trip to one of the most beautiful sites in the world, Athens, and Delphi. The tour consisted of four days, from Thursday the 1st of June to Sunday the 4th of June, and it was like the sky, like all the good...

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