Essays on Pompeii

The Pompeii Wall Inscriptions

Pompeii is a unique observatory for studying the history of the gladiators as well as the game arrangements. The inscriptions which have turned the Pompeii wall famous without the doubt are one the most interesting as well as informative writing that has recorded down. In the ancient times, writing of...

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mysteries frieze villa

Since the first century, when civilization began to shape, the Roman Empire has been comprised of several cities with outstanding architecture. Pompeii is one of the enigmatic towns that were wiped out by Mt. Vesuvius' volcanic lava. Locals that had survived had forgotten the names of the settlements that had...

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Pompeii History - The Triangular Forum and the House of the Surgeon

Exploration and Construction of Pompeii Exploration and construction of the Triangular Forum are a couple of important parts of Pompeii history. It is also important to consider the House of the Surgeon. There is evidence to suggest that many people died from heat and the resulting earthquakes. Read on to learn...

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