Essays on Activism

Historical Character Development

In American history Biswas is a singular figure who exercised activist impact over political developments. He was an accomplished barrister by trade and was very successful in promoting human rights. As a lawyer, Biswas played a significant part in helping to resolve the crisis and may have been useful during...

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The Black aesthetic movement

An creative response to the Black power movement, which dominated the years between 1960 and 1970, is the Black aesthetic movement. The Black Arts movement, which gave rise to the idea of the Black aesthetic, was described as the most contentious movement in the growth of African American writing and...

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Guerrilla Girls - female activist artists

Female activists known as "Guerrilla Girls" use humor, outrageous imagery, and gorilla masks to reveal corruption in politics as well as ethnic and gender prejudice in popular culture. By exposing the underreported and underrepresented instances of discrimination in society, the group of females challenges the tenets of the dominant story. In...

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Era of Revolutions in America and France

A revolution is a violent uprising A revolution is a violent uprising of people with the goal of bringing about structural changes by toppling the existing government and reshaping society from one historical era to the next. Both France and America have historically undergone revolutions, the ideological processes of which placed...

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Women Liberation Movement

1968 Women Liberation Movement 1968 in New York saw women carrying signs calling for equal rights. The Women Liberation Movement was in charge of planning the march. A variety of liberations for women made up the Women Liberation Movement. This phrase was created as a euphemism for other freedom groups of...

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Social protest and activism history and development

Social activism and resistance have always played a crucial role in society. There are many social inequalities in the world, and the call for social justice is growing stronger every day. Economic class has always been a source of conflict in society, with those born into privileged lives advocating for...

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Green movement

The Green Economy and the Green Movement The green economy and the green movement are closely linked. The development of goals or the development of an economy that contributes to lowering environmental hazards is what is referred to as the "green economy." There is a movement known as the "green economy"...

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Gun politics in the United States (US)

The Actions of Activists for Gun Rights and Gun Control The actions of two groups—activists for gun rights and those for gun control—are used to characterize gun politics in the United States (US). These groups have been noted to disagree on the interpretation of court rulings and gun-related legislation, as well...

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Activist Voice

Music as a Form of Activism As a type of contemporary activism, music is increasingly being used to express the concerns that various societal groups may have. The social issues that the oppressed segment of the society is facing can be brought to light through music by the artists. Due to...

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Martin Luther King Jr. Letter from Birmingham Jail

Due to the protests he and his followers staged in Birmingham, Alabama, against the injustices meted out to African Americans, Martin Luther King Jr. was detained. While incarcerated, King penned the famous letter "A Letter from Birmingham Jail," in which he responded to the criticisms of his efforts to secure...

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Radio free Dixie by Timothy Tyson

Radio free Dixie is a book written by Timothy Tyson that is about the life of of African American activist Robert F. Williams. The book depicts African Americans' daily lives during World War II, encouraging their awareness of the event and its importance, the struggles of the Black power movement,...

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Sisters and Strangers: Women in the Shanghai Cotton Mills.

Emily Honig examines the different elements that had an impact on labor movements in Shanghai from 1919 to 1941. She explains how earlier research on labor organizations during the time when Republicans ruled the country led to the emergence of new institutions and agencies at the beginning of the book....

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