Tourism benefit to the community

The detrimental effects of tourism on local cultures include the undermining of norms and the degradation of social cultures. In CBTIs, there are predetermined guidelines. Improving CBTIs requires the involvement of key parties. They feel a feeling of ownership over the activities because of community involvement in tourism. Communities can benefit financially from tourism-related events thanks to CBITs. The feeling of community ownership must be impacted in order to support local communities and tourism, and this can be done primarily through locals' active participation. There have been numerous CBTIs around the globe with the goal of enhancing local communities' standard of living. The tourism business involves non-governmental organizations, the government and its agencies, and the private sector. They all have defined roles to play in ensuring CBTIs are a success.

Reflective commentary

Community Benefit Tourism Initiatives enhances community participation in tourism activities in their areas of residence with the aim of elevating poverty. From these they can derive livelihood and other forms of benefit like cultural exchange. CBTIs can only be a success if (Tourism concern, 2017):

Fair trade partnerships between tourism and hospitality investors and the local community exist.

There is a fair and equitable share of benefits for the local stakeholders.

There is increased linkages with other sectors of the economy both locally and internationally and reduced leakages that may exist through these linkages.

Fair trade exists between the local and tourists.

Natural resources in the local setups are used sustainably and fairly.

Working conditions and wages are fair to the locals working in the hospitality industry.

Economic, social and environmental benefits can all be brought about by tourism. Direct jobs like tour guides and indirect employment are all characteristics brought about by tourism. NGOs, government agencies and the private sector are all stakeholders in the tourism industry and play a critical role. Local governments are an important partner in the tourism industry. They determine the level of services and infrastructure quality that tourists will receive. The money earned from tourism is invested directly by them in advertisement and destination promotion for the various sites under their jurisdiction. The local community development activities are also to be assisted by finances earned from the tourism sector. Zoos, museums and art galleries in the locality are directly supported by the local governments. Provision of basic service amenities like clean water for drinking, sewerage systems and proper solid waste disposal. Governments are also charged with the responsibility of setting rules and procedures to be followed by tourism and hospitality industries with effect to the safety of locals (Tourism 2025, 2017). Partnership between communities and the private sector are becoming a normal trend. This has helped communities gain rights to wildlife assets and enhance diversification of tourism products through their culture all to their own benefit as it encourages more tourists to visit (Roe, Grieg-Gran, &Schalken, 2017).


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