The Chronological Snobbery Fallacy

It is true that most interactions that happen between and among people are highly irrational. This is because logic is not the only way that humans use to purvey meaning. However, when one wants to make an argument based on logic and reason, one has to break away from this...

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Polly and the Narrator: An Analysis

PART II: Continue reading the passage. As you read, you will note that Polly is countering the narrator’s assertions or claims by identifying the logical fallacy that is being used. In the space provided, select the letter for the answer that best identifies the fallacy used in...

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Logical Fallacy in A Match of Middle-Class Miserabilists.

Logical Fallacies in News Stories It has recently been observed that news stories are frequent offenders of presenting logical fallacies. There are various types of logical fallacies, such as anecdotal fallacy and accent fallacy. The former employs a single example or personal experience rather than persuasive evidence or logical argument. The...

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Logical fallacy in one of the popular media

This paper examines a logical fallacy in one of the popular media. The BBC (British Broadcasting Cooperative) was chosen as the popular media in this case A logical fallacy is defined as a widespread error in reasoning (Bardone & Magnani, 2010). Such errors, in practice, undercut the logic of...

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Two Wrongs FallacyBy attempting to identify similar acts or beliefs in others, this type of argument seeks to justify one's own behavior or beliefs. You strive to do two wrongs to be right while pointing the finger at others. The phrase "I can accomplish it too if all others can"...

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Proofs for the Existence of God, a Comparison of Ontological and Cosmological Proof

Introduction People have debated the existence of God since the beginning of time. Many people of all faiths believe in the existence of a supreme being, but some people do not believe in God. So, how can these people be persuaded that God does exist? Anselm and Aquinas are two philosophers...

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Fallacies Philosophical case study

The scholars contend that a falsity is an unfounded claim. Failures are considerably combined with an error in logic, rather than having errors of a real kind. For eg, when counting people in a room and during the count, it is stated that there are twenty people, while in the...

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Fallacies of Time Travel

The term "fallacy" refers to erroneous assumptions that are often used to invalidate claims. A reasoning error may also be described as a logical error that renders an entire argument illogical. Formal, informal, and conditional or doubtful fallacies are the three general types of errors. For example, a formal fallacy...

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