Proofs for the Existence of God, a Comparison of Ontological and Cosmological Proof

People have debated the existence of God since the beginning of time. Many people of all faiths believe in the existence of a supreme being, but some people do not believe in God. So, how can these people be persuaded that God does exist? Anselm and Aquinas are two philosophers…

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Fallacies Philosophical case study

The scholars contend that a falsity is an unfounded claim. Failures are considerably combined with an error in logic, rather than having errors of a real kind. For eg, when counting people in a room and during the count, it is stated that there are twenty people, while in the…

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Fallacies of Time Travel

The term “fallacy” refers to erroneous assumptions that are often used to invalidate claims. A reasoning error may also be described as a logical error that renders an entire argument illogical. Formal, informal, and conditional or doubtful fallacies are the three general types of errors. For example, a formal fallacy…

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